From Strains to Brains, prevent and recover injuries with homeopathy.


If your ability to remain active is important to you, this is the place for you.  I help athletes and active families optimize their minds and bodies.  A sample of what is possible:

  • Begin treating injuries immediately and substantially, even from remote locations:  sprains, head injuries, eye injuries, water in the lungs, altitude adjustment, lactic acidosis, broken bones, and more.  Get your healing started even before you get to the clinic.  Homeopathy is an excellent complement to any health care regimen.
  • Resolve newly chronic issues such as immune compromise following an illness or slow recovery from an injury.
  • Heal from long-standing chronic issues ranging from post-concussion syndrome to focus issues and more.
  • Reduce fatigue [and therefore injuries] during intense training and competitions. Increase stamina.
  • Improve body responsiveness.
  • Decrease stress and other motivational issues.
  • Improve immunity.

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Here’s what a few people have to say about my services and pocket-sized kits:

Thanks to Pamela, my son has been able to continue his recovery, gaining weight and fulfill his practices, games and studies.

— Claudia, teacher and mother of a student-athlete [basketball]

Absolutely a need for healthy life.

— Cristiano; pilot, physician, and father of an avid athlete [world champion snowboarder, surfer, skateboarder, and lots more]

I carry these remedies [i.e., the kit] at all times; I can’t even count the times I have used it! 

— Marla, mother to two active daughters [sea, sun, dance, and more]

Such a convenient and easy way to stay healthy.

— Betsy, yoga instructor and active mother of three [including a soccer star and a child with significant mobility issues]

There’s an option for everyone, whether you want to get started with an Essentials Package, get individualized kits with the Custom Package, or establish a deeper health or address your chronic issues along with an individualized kit with the Comprehensive Package.