13/ Rise Up

Your work is my work.  When you thrive, we all thrive.  This is the nature of our interconnectedness, of our lives.  Keep this in mind when you are deciding how you will live yours. Receive that which is yours to receive first and foremost.  If you do not receive all that is yours, how will […]

12/ Your Knowing Center

Dear Lord, Help us sensitive people rise up into our strength and take our place int eh world as leaders, teachers of all kinds, and change initiators. Thank you! Amen. Every human is blessed with an inner knowing of who we are as individuals as well as collectively. Change is always a priority–improvement of self, […]

11/ Use Your Gifts

Your work, your challenge, is to make a new path not just for yourself — also for other sensitive people who suffer in silence as you have, knowing all the while, deep down, how beautiful their gifts are, how beautiful their souls are. This won’t come as a surprise to you because you have been […]

10/ Hold Your Head High

You know how you want everything but feel as though it is an upward climb persistently? This is simple as can be:  Hold your head up high and proclaim with every breath that you are truly deeply worthy to receive your dreams into reality. Just hold your head up high.

9/ Momentum

We must discuss forward movement. We all desire forward movement, and this is only possible in our lives once we accept where we are and who we are. You may approach this question with dismay.  You may approach this question with delight.  This is for you consideration and awareness. Become more aware, then, and leave […]

Help for a Sprained Ankle

If you have sports in your life, this definitely is one for you!  I sprained my ankle recently, and I healed it rather quickly and easily using mostly homeopathy.  That helped me quickly get back to my full-time responsibilities and, more importantly, living my fullest, highest life. Of course, sharing is what I do, so the […]

8/ Make A Difference

To make a difference in someone’s life, including your own, you must be true to yourself.  Staying honest and true is the foundation of all that you want in this life. Once you have established that, and you live it every moment that you have, your life will begin to feel made for you. Try […]

7/ Show Yourself

Write down your words for how it feels to be you.  You know it best, and writing it down can help you get to know yourself even better. You must be honest and forthright so as not to forsake yourself at the start.  If you forsake yourself, what must others do? So be bold and […]

6/ The Truth of You

Forget the stories others have told you about who you are.  That you are good, bad, or good at something, bad at another.  Forget all of it and replace these versions of reality with hard-won truths about what feels right tot you–really right. Hold money in your hand.  How does it feel?  Know your values […]

5/ Truth Light Peace

When you travel a path of peace and light, you know you’ve made it.  This is because all joy comes from peace and all love comes from light.  It is the basis for everything good. You must know by now in your own life how good it is to feel pace–how right that feels.  Love, […]