When we are searching for options and unable to find answers, desperation finds us.

It is in these times that we begin to look high and low, and open ourselves to new ways of thinking, seeking, knowing, understanding.

Such times brought me to where I am today.  First with a child who had vaccine and chemical reactions then with a child who was very nearly killed with an overdose in the NICU of a medication that she did not need.  Holistic health care crept into my life, followed quickly by a sturdy course in intuition and acceptance of my spiritual gifts in recognizing then removing obstacles to healing.

It is not a road that was easy or all pleasure.  It is but a road of ‘must do,’ ‘can do,’ and ‘will do.’

We are all on it in one way or another, and if you have come here, you seek some of the same answers I once sought and still do seek!