When pain cannot stop you.

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Gets results where other options fail or don't exist: People using my remedies have medaled in events they thought they were too exhausted to undertake, walked into the E.R. on a broken leg, resolved debilitating chronic issues, and more.


Takes less than a minute from injury to dose with the G4, helps every injury wherever you are. Get your healing started before you reach the E.R. Predict vulnerabilities and create an injury-resistant foundation [G4 Pro].


At least 20-40 doses per vial, 8 vials + 3 remedy oils for topical use. Pays for itself with one less E.R. visit, one less day of icing, one more day of GO, or even a season or competition completed.

how does this work?

g4 Kit

These are the remedies I carry with me and the remedies my clients use most.  They cover everyday nuisances like sore muscles, fatigue, stress, and flu.  But the kit also gets you started for the bigger stuff, like head injuries and other major injuries [the kind that have you navigating to the nearest E.R.].  And the in-between stuff–strains, sprains, abrasions, burns.  We’ll also add to your buffer with additional support of a healthy foundation.

go Pro

For the serious athlete–you’re looking for all the options to keep you performing your best at all times.  You’ll get the G4 Kit and additional remedies to cover a variety of possible issues individualized to you and your sport[s]. Build a stronger foundation [G4 Pro] and resolve chronic issues [G4 Pro Plus].

What clients say

foundation & Performance

Consultation months after mono left him frequently ill, missing school, practice, and games. His PCP offered no options. Within hours of the first dose of remedy, he began to feel better and finished the season.

Consultation after trying two MD-prescribed medications which did not improve focus. Noticeable difference within a week of taking the remedy. His grades in school were good, so it was a surprise when even the teachers noticed.

Elite athletes, teams, and practitioners interested in a customized program, drop me a line: