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When, Why, & How to REPLENISH

Use Replenish to refresh, regain, rejuvenate.

Oh how I adore this remedy combination! It’s subtle and yet it can really lift our vitality to where it feels like we’ve moved through a portal to a new state of readiness.

Sometimes, it resolves the issue, sometimes it supports the resolution. No matter what, it’s almost always of use. So let’s break it down so you know just how to use it to maximize your life!

When, why, and how do I use Replenish?

Whenever you are asking a lot of your body, add Replenish to your regimen.

  • Recuperating. You’ve been through exams, a competition, the flu and you’re wiped, zonked, cooked.
    • How often? Add this to your water bottle for a couple of days.
  • Stamina. Prevent the need to recuperate! If you know you’re headed into exams, a competition, or travel and you want to make sure that you do not end up wiped, zonked, cooked, add this to your water bottle while you’re engaged in the taxing activity.
    • How often? If you are using it daily, you can do that for 2 weeks maximum before you should take a break for a few days and restart.
  • Training. Athletes like using Replenish to maintain even stamina [as an alternative to ‘energy’ drinks and bars] during training.
    • How often? You can add this to your water bottle once or twice a week for that added support. If you are in intense training preceding a season or competition, you can add it to your water bottle daily for upto 2 weeks.

Can I take it as pills?

Yes, you can take the pills straight–one capful is a dose.

So then why do I constantly suggest you add it to your water? Because when you need it, you typically need that subtle, frequent dosing that water dosing supplies.

How do I add it to my water bottle?

It’s as simple as adding a single capful to a water bottle. With this remedy and its purpose, one capful will be sufficient for upto a quart/liter of drinking water.

What’s in it?

Replenish is a combination of remedies originated as cell salts.

We use cell salts to nourish the cells, rehabilitate, restore, rejuvenate, re-…lots. When there is an imbalance, not enough of this or too much of that, cell salts can restore balance. We use the individual remedies for a wide range of issues, such as inflammation, mucus issues, cramps, elasticity [too much or too little], acidity, teeth/hair/nails/bones, insomnia.

In this combination, however, they serve to simply support the underlying restoration your body is craving.

When should I not use it?

I cannot think of a time when it would not be supportive in an acute situation [acute meaning temporary]. The primary restrictions are [1] frequency of use and [2] if you have a chronic issue, you should check with your homeopath and healthcare provider.

How do I get it?

It is in your G4 Kit!


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