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12/ Your Knowing Center

Dear Lord,

Help us sensitive people rise up into our strength and take our place int eh world as leaders, teachers of all kinds, and change initiators.

Thank you!


Every human is blessed with an inner knowing of who we are as individuals as well as collectively.

Change is always a priority–improvement of self, creating collective progress.  We do this through struggles at times–inner or external.  This is not however, entirely necessary, because joy, peace, and love truly are our intended baselines.

How are these then attained?  Or better yet, retained?

Your heart knows!

Your heat knows.

This is why the advice frequently is given:  Follow your heart.

It knows the direction for your life.  It is your compass in the wilderness of choices you face daily.

So return to it, and return to it again.  Return, return.  Make your heart your home for home is where the heart is.

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Remedies for January 4-10, 2016

Our needs will vary this week, so our predictions would/will be disappointing to some.

Your heart space may want to close itself off this week and limit contact and connection with others.  Whereas safety and protection always should form high priorities, your openness to love should as well.  This is why we recommend that you spend some time this week on the following exercises:

Take a little time — it won’t need to be much — to volunteer your time, money, or attention to a cause, person, or need you see.  These can be simple but fruitful, so do give it a go.

Next on your list should be giving yourself a message.  Your body, mind, and spirit want to hear from you.  What will you say?  What matters most?

If you hit a rough spot, a bit of trouble, you may be tempted to indulge in the vice of your choice, but be careful about doing that now!  Instead, opt for kindness and generosity to maintain your steady growth.  This will be well worth the reward.



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