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2/ Know Who You Are

You must know who you are to proceed in life with grace.  This is a simple task and one that can be made more difficult by the advances in society or the strictures one feels from society.

If you are wondering whether you are meant to go in one direction or another, know who you are first.  This will make your decision easier.

When you are searching for a partner in life or in work, know who you are first and the picking will be easy.

Life is a series of choices and the mistakes we make from them are ours to suffer.  So we might as well make accurate choices instead, right?

Start by knowing yourself:  what do you like–what feeds your soul and what adversely affects you?  Be honest with yourself and others about who you are and you will receive dividends beyond belief.

For sensitive people this can be especially challenging because there is no exception to the rules about who receives and who gives.

This means that when you sit down to determine how you want to operate in life, you will be inundated with thoughts about what other people want for you and from you.

You must separate this from your won truth about who you are and what you want from life–what you are here to do, to enjoy, and to accomplish.

But your reward if you can do it–and really, you must–is beyond measure.  Your happiness will soar.  Your filters all be in place for you such that unwelcome experiences and people will automatically be removed, leaving you free to explore and pursue what your soul is here to accomplish.

It is worth your while.  I hope that you trust this and do it not only for yourself but for your children.

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Let’s Start With This:

Let’s start with this:  Know Yourself.

Knowing and loving yourself permits you to grasp and embrace the places, spaces, and faces that support you, allow you to let down your guard, and be yourself.

And, as we all know, one of the biggest treats in life is being ourselves–letting our lights shine so bright and strong that you feel unstoppable.

So, what are some of these places, spaces, and faces that feel right for you?

Where do you feel…

loved for all of who you are?
in wonder!

Make a list of all of your favorite feelings, then make a few columns next to your list.  At the top of each column, write the category, such as “place,” “space,” or “face.”

Fill in the columns for each of your most pleasant feelings–you might want to use abbreviations here but try not to indulge that.  The Angels are adamant that writing out what we find positive is always worth the effort!

Now you’re starting to see what components might make up the outward aspects of a supportive environment.  This helps us find the time(s), places, people, and circumstances that will ,most promote our inner and outer growth.

This is your life so making it a special and spectacular one is one way how we know we have lived this life the way we were meant to live it!