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Prevent a Concussion in Less than a Minute

Brains. We need them. Ideally in top form.

So it is no surprise that athletes, parents of athletes, and the general public is disconcerted by the frequency of concussions. In fact, it is a top reason for sports-related E.R. visits. [1]

And what can homeopathy do about it?!

Homeopathy is excellent at reducing inflammation and swelling.* It also has the advantage of being extremely portable so you can take it ASAP after the offending injury. In fact, that’s a key reason my G4 Kit is so small. With a small kit, we can take it most anywhere, so we have access to the remedies we need when we need them. The sooner we get started on our healing, the better. So take a dose while en route to the E.R.

Head Injuries was born of the desire to prevent head injuries from resulting in concussions.

The G4 Kit contains two remedies for emergency situations–Major Injuries and Head Injuries. For a long time, I just used Major Injuries for serious head injuries, and First Aid / First Aid Oil for bumps to the head [and you still can–see below]. But a PRO client of mine had a friend who suffered a concussion. Seeing the fallout for his friend, my client asked for a remedy for concussion to have on-hand. Of course I gave it to him. But I decided then and there that I’d rather all my clients have a specific Head Injuries remedy to prevent the injury from developing into a concussion!

My Head Injuries remedy is crafted to be highly effective and fast:

  • It’s with you wherever you are. The sooner you get started with healing, the better.
  • Head Injuries uses high potencies, so they are highly effective in emergency situations. Typically one dose is all that is needed.
  • Homeopathy typically begins producing improvement for injuries within 10 -15 minutes.*
  • Head Injuries uses a combination of two remedies to address swelling and blunt force injuries.
  • The little pillules are easy to administer to someone in an awkward position–just tuck them in a cheek or under a tongue. They dissolve quickly and get to work immediately–even before they’re fully dissolved.

Thus far, the clients who have needed to use Head Injuries report success–i.e., progressive disappearance of pain, swelling, and other symptoms. And avoidance of the E.R.

Even if we do end up in the E.R., by reducing the inflammation immediately, outcomes are improved.*

Why do I care so much?

Besides the obvious–I care because my life’s work is true health, and it’s my work to keep athletes in top form…

This one–protecting the brain–does hit close to home. My own daughter suffered a brain injury in the NICU as the result of a medical mistake. Recovering her has been a very long and arduous–albeit rewarding–path. If my experience can translate into brain injury prevention for you, I thank God for that opportunity. I’ll never be able to go back in time to prevent her brain injury, but I can help you prevent one now. I cannot guarantee it, but there’s no harm in trying.**

What happens after I take it?

Here’s one person’s experience using Head Injuries:

I had an out of body experience for only a short period of time probably seconds. Although, when I first fell off, I had been sitting on the table backwards so I hit the back of my head. At first, it felt like a throbbing headache except it was radiating across my head. It went deep into my head and stayed like that for a little bit. Then, eventually I got the Head Injuries and First Aid Oil; it reduced to where it just felt like a large bruise.

–9-year-old, describing his experience with Head Injuries after falling backwards off a coffee table

Other clients report that the pain and swelling [if there is any] subsides within 5-15 minutes from a single dose. Those who have begun driving to the E.R. found that the upon arrival, mentals were great while pain and swelling was completely gone, thereby negating the need for further intervention.

Clients also report something beautiful: Because the pain disappeared so quickly, so easily, and without a whole lot of hoopla, the athlete suffered no residual fear of the activity that gave rise to the injury in the first place. This is key for anyone, really: Who needs to be blocked from daily living by fear?

And this is the kind of outcome that feeds the souls of everyone involved: We have health, progress, and empowerment as the result of one dose of a remedy.

What’s in it?

It contains homeopathic Ledum in high potency. Ledum is highly regarded in homeopathy for its benefit to a person who has suffered an injury to the head. [Incidentally, it also is beneficial for black eyes for the same reason.] Head Injuries also contains Arnica in high potency, which is great at reducing swelling, bruising.

Thus far, the reports I have had from clients are all positive that they are able to avert a concussion by using the Head Injuries remedy. One client also used the First Aid Oil from the G4 Kit on the cheeks of the person with the injury to give an extra assist in bringing down inflammation. The added advantage of this choice is that my First Aid remedies include Hypericum, which is beneficial for nerve damage. If you suspect nerve damage, consider either adding the First Aid remedy or the First Aid Oil.

My Major Injuries remedy simply contains Arnica. This is a high potency Arnica that is used, for example, by plastic surgeons to reduce swelling, bruising, etc. that result from considerable injuries to the body. It’s well regarded in homeopathy for its ability to bring down swelling and is often used in hospital settings around the world as a standard for brain injuries. If you are out of Head Injuries or for some reason only have Major Injuries with you, it’s definitely worth taking for any significant injury for that very reason–reduce the swelling and inflammation, and buy yourself some time to get to the E.R.

Who needs it?

Head Injuries is for a significant head injury.

This is an injury where the E.R. crosses your mind, at the very least. Usually, you will see that the injury caused at least a momentary droop in consciousness. You might even call 9-1-1 or begin your journey to the E.R. and dose en route if you can.

How do I take it?

Just pour a few pellets into your mouth.

  • If you are collected enough, you can pour them from the vial into the cap and then into the person’s mouth. Try to get them under the tongue or in the cheek to dissolve before they are swallowed.
  • If you are shaking, frazzled, in gloves, or in any other way unable to pour a capful, just shake a few pellets into the mouth of the person with the head injury.

Typically, only a single dose is needed. If you feel further doses are needed, you definitely should be under the care of a physician and a professional homeopath.

How do I get it?

It comes in the G4 Kit! If you don’t already have one and would like one, become a client!

*These statements not evaluated by the FDA. They are based on experience, common sense, and homeopathic principles.
**Homeopathy has no known side-effects or contraindications.



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