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Here’s One for the Sensitive Folk

Just a quick reminder that if you are sensitive, you are also … sensitive!  That means, you receive ‘information’ that other people don’t.  Like a sensitive antenna.  Who wouldn’t want that?

Sure, you might get a few extra stations and some of them might just be noisy.

But you can learn how to tune-in to the stations you like the most [and tune-out the others].

A couple of years ago, I promised Archangel Metatron, who helps sensitive people, that I would help him with his mission.

The time for that has come, so I intend to start a video series and some other informative works [like articles] to help people who are sensitive and to help those connected to sensitive people such as through family or work relationships.

Won’t it be wonderful when all of us sensitive people learn how to limit the challenges of being sensitive, embrace the gifts of being sensitive, and shine our lights brighter, further, stronger into the world?!

Let’s do it!

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Car Wash Your Chakras

If you haven’t cleansed your chakras lately, try this quick, easy, and wonderful method:

Ask Archangel Metatron to do it for you!

If it’s been a while, it feels like going through an internal car wash.  And, it feels oh-so-very-good.

I hope you enjoy it too–and that you then keep it up because you’ll see how simple it is to request, enjoyable it is to experience, and wonderful it is to live out.



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