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12/ Your Knowing Center

Dear Lord,

Help us sensitive people rise up into our strength and take our place int eh world as leaders, teachers of all kinds, and change initiators.

Thank you!


Every human is blessed with an inner knowing of who we are as individuals as well as collectively.

Change is always a priority–improvement of self, creating collective progress.  We do this through struggles at times–inner or external.  This is not however, entirely necessary, because joy, peace, and love truly are our intended baselines.

How are these then attained?  Or better yet, retained?

Your heart knows!

Your heat knows.

This is why the advice frequently is given:  Follow your heart.

It knows the direction for your life.  It is your compass in the wilderness of choices you face daily.

So return to it, and return to it again.  Return, return.  Make your heart your home for home is where the heart is.

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11/ Use Your Gifts

Your work, your challenge, is to make a new path not just for yourself — also for other sensitive people who suffer in silence as you have, knowing all the while, deep down, how beautiful their gifts are, how beautiful their souls are.

This won’t come as a surprise to you because you have been practicing for this moment your whole life — learning how to manage in a world that can be cruel and unkind while knowing how connected you are to every being on this planet:  imply by virtue of being a part of this world, this creation.

So do not despair because the time is now, the time has come, to awaken your inner knowing, to fully grasp the fullness of your abilities that others long for, need in their lives.

It is no surprise to you, though, because you can see how drawn others are to your vibrance and your understanding that makes life so tolerable when circumstances are harsh.

Focus on this now, on knowing your gifts and your assets and then on using them!

Use them!  Use them to usher in peace where turmoil prevails.

Use them to offer kindness where cruelty once stood firm.

Use them as you see fit and you know how because they are your gifts, your  privilege, your knowing that can benefit others.

Make that space, that allowance in your life, and flourish as only you can–your way, your special way.

Peace be with you now and always!

Blessings on your way.

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Remedies for February 7-14, 2016

We are gifted with a message today from Archangel Michael, to carry us through the week and beyond.

Begin every moment with an awareness of blessing, for you all are blessed beyond present knowing, in ways you fail to comprehend or even recognize.

This is where true momentum is gained in life–in these inner places of complete knowledge of self, of being complete as you are, of the beauty which comprises your very life.

This may be no surprise to some of you and it may strike others as completely false.  Your future does not depend on the adequacy of your understanding:  Time will make that so for each and every one.

The task at hand is to bear witness to the truth that God has placed on your heart, the knowing that will set you free.

That truth is the beauty of who you are, just as God made you to be and to serve.  And so it is.



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