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Moving Past Fear

There are so many ways to move past fear, and so very many levels of fear.

If a low level of fear is keeping you from doing something that you know is right for you, that you know in your heart you should do, consider this technique shown to me by Spirit this week:

Imagine the scenario that gives rise to the fear in you.  Imagine it unfolding in the manner that you most fear.

Now repeat, repeat, repeat.  Repeat until you imagine it unfolding in a manner that doesn’t bother you–or, even better, it unfolds in a manner to which you respond positively.




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21 Days of Fantastic: Day 3, Fearless

Fear is occasionally very useful–it informs us when we are not safe and activates us to gain safety.

Thank you  for the gift of fear showing up when I need it and keeping me safe.  

When fears show up as anxiety, however, or worries arise at an inopportune time [during sleep, for instance], they can get in the way.  They also can be so long-held or so deep that they act as obstacles to us on the path of life.

For a quick fix to fretting, I have a few little tools I’d like to share:

Ask for Help:  Pray for help removing all unnecessary and unhelpful fears or worries from my mind and from my heart.  If you are looking at deeper, longer-held fears, you can change or add words like, “detrimental” or “self-destructive” — whatever seems right to you.

I sometimes visualize fears being swept or scraped away, too, and I ask that they are transmuted into their light form.

Re-schedule It:  If a thought remains after you have said this prayer and received God’s relief, you could try writing down the worry.  If it is the middle of the night, I roll up the worry / concern / to-do item in a ball and throw it into a time the following day when I can attend to it.  Sometimes I also ask for help from Above with remembering what to do or with how best to resolve the issue.

EFT:  EFT can be surprisingly effective, especially when you know exactly what you need to ease.  So if you are fretting about something specific, you can do EFT on that.  I’ve also done EFT using  “fear” effectively in the middle of the night.

Grounding, lavender oil, and Brazilian Toe Massage all can be helpful too.

Of course, I should add that for more chronic anxiety and susceptibility to stress, constitutional homeopathy can be a wonder.

Here is to being Fearless!