Winter Immune Care 2020-21


A duo of homeopathy and gemmotherapy to support your body in its defenses against influenza and other Winter ailments.  In my own family, this system + our immune-oriented supplements reduced our fever-inducing family illnesses from twice/year to about once every 2 years.  So we went from about 6 weeks of family illness annually to about 3 weeks every 2 years.  That’s a precious extra 2 months to me!  So I’m sharing it with you.

Like conventional vaccines, the Boiron Influenzinum remedy contains the most likely flu strains of the season.  In my family, I generally use the annual Influenzinum as a preparatory information system for the body — to give the immune system an energetic awareness of the strains it might encounter.  Homeopaths also use the remedy for people who take the conventional vaccine and experience reactions.

The Immune Boost formula is handy for a variety of immune-involving issues.  It contains a combination of immune-boosting gemmo extracts and homeopathic remedy.  I assemble these myself.  We give a few drops at the first sign of illness [usually a sore throat or fatigue in our family — your body may show different symptoms first].  This usually resolves the issue within 15 minutes.  In my experience, the sooner we take it, the faster the immune system can respond.

My immune system is strong from the remedy. I think because of stress and the beginning of a compromised immune system, I was hearing a ringing in my right ear and intuitively I took an Influenzinum pillule and like magic it was gone in a few minutes and not to return!!! I was amazed!!🙏♥️🙏Thank you soo much!  It concerned me …I am super grateful for this remedy you have.

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The included vials are generally enough for a family of 3.

You’ll receive ….

  1. A vial of this year’s Influenzinum from Boiron, in 200c, and instructions on how to take it.
  2. A 10 mL vial of my personal Immune Boost combination of gemmos and homeopathy.



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