Winter Defense


A duo of homeopathy and gemmotherapy to support your body in its defenses against influenza and other Winter ailments.

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Use homeopathy to prepare your body’s immune system to ward off the flu + back that up with a proprietary combination of homeopathic remedy and gemmo extracts to address Winter ailments before they take hold or even if they already are underway.

What’s included?

A vial of Boiron’s 2018-19 Influenzinum 200c.  This is made from the annual flu vaccine.  We use it prophylactically to inform the body energetically about the viruses circulating this year.  Traditionally, this is taken every 4 weeks.  In my family, we need to take it every 2 weeks.  Please let me know if you need assistance determining how often to dose.

Additional uses for Influenzinum:
–If you must take a pharmaceutical flu vaccine, some people also use Influenzinum to help alleviate any detrimental effects of the vaccine.
–Some people use Influenzinum for any lasting effects from the flu.

For a family of upto 6 individuals, one vial should last the duration of Winter [from receipt in October/November-March] if dosed every 4 weeks.

A vial of my proprietary blend for immune grace.. A blend of two elements:  [1] a concentrate of gemmo extracts geared toward reinforcing the body’s natural defenses and eliminating toxins, and [2] a homeopathic remedy commonly used to reduce the duration and severity of the flu.  Comes in a 1 dram amber glass dropper vial and contains 50 doses.

Winter Defense will ship when the Influenzinum becomes available from the manufacturer; the current date is October 19, 2018.  Price includes shipping. The manufacturer typically does sell out of this product, so I am only offering a limited inventory of Influenzinum this year.  Additional supplies of Immune Defense, the gemmo-homeopathy combination, will remain available.


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