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Surgery!  If you’re there, you are desperate.  And you are probably desperate to get back to your sport and your life.

Clients using my homeopathy protocol to support their recovery from surgery report faster and surer recoveries while relying significantly less on conventional pain medication. Our goal is to…

  • Reduce the discomfort of surgery.

  • Improve the results of the surgery.

  • Get you back at it faster.

A 45-minute appointment helps me understand both the nature of the surgery, your overall health, and your recovery style and support.  Then the remedies will be on their way to support your recovery from surgery.  Please book a month prior to your surgery to be sure there is adequate time for an appointment, assembly of instructions and remedies, and getting them to you.

Remedies cover such areas as bleeding, swelling, bruising, incision healing, infection resistance as well as healing of ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, soft tissue, nerves, and bones.

Pamela created a combination of homeopathic remedies to be taken before and just after my knee surgery (ACL replacement). The remedies helped the shock that my body was going through, the swelling, overall healing, strength and flexibility. I was amazed at how quickly I was up and around again. I was driving our standard transmission car in less than a week and traveled across the country by plane and was hiking in less than two weeks. Even my doctors were amazed. Pamela asked so many questions to learn about me and found just the right combination of remedies that worked. What I love about these homeopathic remedies is that they can be used in conjunction with all other therapies. There are no contraindications.
Another thing I’d like to add is that Pamela has a spot-on, uncanny ability to tune in quickly to the heart of the issue. Her intuitive abilities match her kindness and compassion.
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5 reviews for Surgery Support

  1. Herbert Hoefer

    I had two surgeries during the last year, for a hernia and for carpal tunnel. I took the surgery kit remedies pre- and post-op. The doctors were amazed – and pleased – that I didn’t need to use their opioid prescriptions hardly at all for pain management. The remedies also helped me avoid any aftereffects from the anesthesia.

  2. JK

    I had a surgery a few years ago and used Pamela’s surgery remedies and protocol – pre-and post-op. The recovery was astoundingly fast and without major pain or discomfort. Many where extremely surprised at how quickly I recovered. Having these remedies available is extremely helpful, especially for a person like myself who needs and wants to stay away from traditional “pain killers”.

  3. Marla Kopesec

    I wish I could leave two reviews because I used these remedies for my dog’s surgery, and a friend’s as well.

    My dog: Was a rescue dog who needed surgery for the kneecap, as well as a muscle tear. The doctor put a rod in her leg as well. We took her back for the two-week post-op visit, and the doctor realized he had made a mistake and needed to go back in to fix it. When he returned her to me after the second surgery, he said that the granularization of her tissue looked like it had had 6-weeks’ of healing time, and that it was healing quickly and so perfectly.

    For my friend’s dog, I had offered her these remedies pre-op, but she did not take me up on the offer. But a day or two post-op, she texted me saying that her dog was in terrible pain and that the prescription painkillers weren’t helping. So I gave her some of Pamela’s surgery formula, and the next day my friend texted me “What is this magical stuff?” Her dog was actually bearing weight on the leg (too early!) and was now being problematic because he wanted to run around because he felt so much better!

  4. Carol

    Although my hysterectomy was done laparoscopically with a robot, it is still considered major surgery. My first indication that the surgery support was especially helpful is that I needed very little pain medication (for which I was thankful). Even the surgeon noticed and remarked about how quickly I healed. The surgery protocol is easy to follow which is another plus!

  5. Michael Pickering

    I had an outpatient surgery several years ago and was so happy that I used the surgery kit remedies (before and after the procedure). My recovery was much faster than I expected and I did not need any of the medication that was prescribed. I would recommend this to everyone.

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