Complex Issues: Cross-modality Intake


Striving.  Clearing.  Progress.  Ready.

These are the terms my clients use when they are ready to step in to this work, combining gemmotherapy, homeopathy, energy work, and spirituality.

Intake is approximately 2 1/2 hours and done by telephone.

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Ready to elevate your potential?

Combining homeopathy, gemmotherapy, energy work, and spirituality, we will partner to remove energetic blockages, unburdening your mind, your body, and your spirit.  Shedding unnecessary burdens, strengthening weak points, and nurturing the core of who you are.  The result, the goal, is a centering, a knowing, a readiness, a liberty to live in vibrant fulfillment.

In this intake, we will spend 2 1/2 hours discussing your goals, your current issues, and delving deeper where relevant.  Be ready to be honest, to be emotionally vulnerable, and to feel both spent and energized with hope by the end of our time on the phone.

Occasionally, some obvious suggestions present themselves during our time on the telephone, and those will be shared at that time.  Often, I take some time for study and reflection before I suggest homeopathic remedies, gemmotherapy extracts, or additional suggestions.

If there are energetic blockages, releasing and repairing them typically is the first order of business and will be done within days of our initial appointment.  Typically, I follow this work with a suggestion for a homeopathic remedy and/or gemmotherapy extracts [I will provide suggested sources, and prices including shipping tend to be between $10-50 total].

Follow-ups are recommended 4-6 weeks after the initial intake, with email follow-up as necessary between appointments.


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