Chronic issues are tiresome for anyone, in any situation!

For athletes, they involve an endless series of visits to physicians, therapists, and other specialists when all you really want is to get back to your sport!  Homeopathy can amplify the benefits of other therapies; speed up healing; and offer exceptional natural options for pain relief, healing, and rebuilding of tissues.

Resolving your chronic issue involves a multi-pronged approach:

  • Addressing your chronic issue by reducing its impact while healing the underlying cause.

  • Reducing the impact of future injuries.

  • Preparing for issues unique to you and your sport.

  • Building & maintaining a healthy foundation.

Start with one or two 60-minute consultations to establish your needs and how we can meet them, as well as to get you well on your way to using homeopathy if you are new to it.

Healthy Foundation & Chronic Issues:. Athletes demand a lot from their bodies and they need their bodies to be ready to say, “Yes!”  So we will look at your chronic issue[s] as well as any proclivities that you have for other issues–allergies, immune issues, types of injuries, family history–then develop a plan to put you back on the road to optimal health.

The goal is to reduce the impact of your chronic issue, resolve the chronic issue, and reduce your vulnerabilities while increasing your resilience.  We want to reduce inflammation, nourish the affected tissues, optimize your body’s overall functioning, and rebuild.

You’ll receive:

  • A customized plan for you.
  • The supplies to carry out the plan.  [Supplies usually last 6-8 weeks.]
  • Two months of follow-up support to answer any questions you have.  This is one of the most crucial aspects of the plan–people who do not ask the questions are the least likely to succeed. So ask!

Reducing Injuries:  You will receive both the G4 Kit as well as remedies customized to your particular concerns.

G4 Kit

I’ve put my experience to work to create a pocket-sized powerhouse of an athletic kit unlike any other.

  • Easy:  Anyone can use it!  You do not need knowledge of homeopathy or the patience to learn homeopathy to put this to use immediately.
  • Portable:  Fits in a jacket pocket.
  • Variety:  You get first aid remedies, everyday remedies, and my custom topical oil remedies too. [More details at the bottom of the page.]
  • Freedom:  Feel more confident knowing you have tools to handle a variety of situations–wherever you are, there is help in your pocket.
  • Can Do:  Begin addressing first aid situations while you’re en route to to the E.R. or maybe skip the doc altogether.
  • Bang for your Buck:   Cover a whole host of ailments with just a few vials, 20+ doses per vial.

Additional Remedies:

  • Unique to you:  We all have our vulnerabilities, and even if we don’t, we have a family history or we have injuries that scare us more than others.  Some people have weak ankles.  Some people have shoulder issues.  Some people have touchy stomachs.  Whatever your unique vulnerabilities or concerns are, you’ll be ready with remedies aimed to address them.
  • Unique to your sport:  Each sport has injuries more likely than others.  What are yours?  Knee injuries?  Frostbite?  Eye injuries?  Jet lag from all that travel?  Whatever your sport’s unique worry points, you’ll have remedies at your disposal when you need them.

Our fast-paced lives require fast-paced healing. I want you to have the remedy you need, when you need it.


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The G4 Kit

I developed this kit to help keep my clients on track.  The sooner we can respond to an injury, the more we can minimize its impact.  

Keep your momentum on track when you take home a palm-sized kit filled with remedies to address at least 11 issues wherever you are.​  Current clients find themselves using the kit daily to optimize training–and keeping it close for emergencies.

Injuries that otherwise could derail training or competition often can be quickly and easily addressed via the kit.

8 vials of homeopathic remedies, 1.5 grams each [20-40 doses in each vial]

First Aid Remedies

  • Major Injuries [what we take en route to the E.R.]
  • Head Injuries
  • Sprains + Strains
  • First Aid

Everyday Remedies

  • Minor Injuries [also useful to prevent or remedy stiff or sore muscles from an intense training session]
  • Stress
  • Replenish
  • Flu

3 homeopathic roll-on remedy oils, 5 mL each

  • Sprains + Strains Oil
  • Sore | Stiff Oil
  • First Aid Oil

Purchase Details

Informed Consent: You will need to read and accept the Informed Consent before purchasing.

Billing: All appointments and purchases are billed through Spirit Homeopathy LLC.

Returns: Our top goal is for you to be deeply healthy. Due to the nature of the products and services offered, we cannot accept returns, per se. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us so that we can work with you toward an optimal solution such as a refund.


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