Essentials Package feat. G4 Kit


A palm-sized kit of remedies for everyday issues and for emergencies + a 15-minute appointment to get you started.  You’ll also get access to my exclusive Facebook group so you can get your questions answered and learn extra tips to get the most out of your kit–and your life.

I’ve put my education, professional experience, and years of raising an active family to use to create a homeopathic kit and a first aid kit unlike any other:

  • Easy:  Anyone can use it!  You do not need knowledge of homeopathy or the patience to learn homeopathy to put this to use immediately.
  • Portable:  Fits in a jacket pocket.
  • Variety:  You get first aid remedies, everyday remedies, and my custom topical oil remedies too.
  • Freedom:  Feel more confident knowing you have tools to handle a variety of situations–wherever you are, there is help in your pocket.
  • Can Do:  Begin addressing first aid situations while you’re en route to to the E.R. or skip the doc altogether.
  • Bang for your Buck:   Cover a whole host of ailments with just a few vials.

Our fast-paced lives require fast-paced healing. The remedy you need, when you need it.

*I am waiting on a re-do of the [oil-proof, waterproof!] labels before the next batch of these are ready to ship.

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This kit contains the essentials that I keep with me at all times.  I’ve honed the selection over years of helping athletes and active families with the issues they face both on a daily basis and in the event of an emergency.  And, made it easy:  You can put it to use immediately, without any knowledge of homeopathy.  Here’s what you will get in your kit:

3 homeopathic roll-on remedy oils, 5 mL each

  • Sprains + Strains Oil
  • Sore | Stiff Oil
  • First Aid Oil

8 vials of homeopathic remedies, 1.5 grams each

First Aid Remedies

  • Major Injuries [what we take en route to the E.R.]
  • Head Injuries
  • Sprains + Strains
  • First Aid

Everyday Remedies

  • Minor Injuries [also useful to prevent or remedy sore muscles from an intense training session]
  • Stress
  • Replenish
  • Flu



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