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Get a kit that fits your lifestyle and your hand + the knowhow to use it.



You might really really want one of these if …

A regular first aid kit is too little and the Emergency Room is too much for the injuries you need to address.

You like to help your body heal naturally.  You aren’t always within easy reach of medical care.  Your body is your income.  You like the concept of homeopathy but find all the different remedies confusing.

So, what do you get?

The Kit

We will start with your list of priorities via email.  Here are some common priorities [all First Aid is recommended for use only while en route to a licensed medical practitioner, as appropriate]:

First Aid for a particular sport, activity, location, or travel.

First Aid for general use [if you like to DIY, see also how to make your own, here]

Training for a sport.

Injury prevention for a sport.

Milder everyday ailments, such as stress, pain, nipping sickness in the bud.

Each kit contains up to 10 vials for 10 different ailments.  [Read more at another page of mine, Light Works Remedies.]

I do not recommend a custom kit for addressing coughs, colds, flus, that kind of thing.  For that, the more widely available homeopathic kits are a better bet.  However, I do have a couple of formulas that are of general benefit for preventing an illness from taking hold or for addressing some illness enough to buy you time to get medical care.

The Time

Then you get an hour on the phone with Pamela, discussing what is in your kit and how to use it.  Finally, we’ll pop your kit in the mail.

It is your responsibility to take notes, read up, seek medical help when appropriate, and administer doses of homeopathic remedies judiciously.  

Kit refills are available for $7.50 per vial.  Extra kits also available.  You must be a client to receive a kit or kit refill.

Please complete the Notes section of your order explaining [a] what it is you want from your kit, [b] the extent of your knowledge of homeopathy and gemmotherapy, and [c] which ailments are your chief priority [e.g., head injuries, burns, broken bones].

You also must read the Informed Consent before purchase.


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