Comprehensive Package


1 hour appointment + take-home kit of remedies + additional remedies to support a healthy foundation.  Access to private Facebook group for questions as well as two email or 15-minute consultations [for questions, in case of injury, etc.] after the initial consultation.

Address performance obstacles, chronic issues, and more while also learning how to reduce and address injuries and other performance-related issues [11+ issues total!] with a kit that fits in the palm of your hand.

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Optimize performance by addressing the body and mind.  

Keep your momentum on track when you take home a palm-sized kit filled with remedies to address at least 11 issues wherever you are.​  Current clients find themselves using the kit daily to optimize training–and keeping it close for emergencies.

Even a strain that otherwise could derail pre-competition training, for instance, can be quickly and easily addressed via the kit.

Select your own issues of concern, from lactic acidosis to immunity, stress to stamina, sprains to head injuries, sore muscles to emergencies.


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