Common Injuries


Ideal to try homeopathy for common injuries conventionally requiring waiting it out, such as simple sprains and fractures.

While promoting more thorough healing, homeopathy can reduce your reliance on painkillers + speed recovery.

Can also be purchased in preparation.  Your consultation will be scheduled upon purchase, and I will send the relevant remedy and instructions at that time.

What do I get?

After a 15-minute consultation, you’ll receive my formula and protocol for one of the common injuries listed below.  Please indicate which one you want in the Notes section of your order.



This simple protocol is sufficient to address uncomplicated common injuries.  What is uncomplicated?  A sprain, for instance, can range from mild to severe.  This protocol would cover a mild sprain.

Please select one of the following, and we will discuss your needs further during your appointment:

  • sprain
  • strain
  • simple fracture [must be set before use of remedies]
  • shoulder injury
  • lactic acidosis
  • shin splints
  • training fatigue

Whereas remedies for other consultations are sent in vials, remedies provided for common injuries are sent in paper packets for shipping purposes.

Severe or complicated injuries require a more customized approach, including formulas and protocols made just for you.   If your injury required or would require a visit to the emergency room, please book a Recent Injury appointment.

Don’t see what you need?  Holler!

Love it so much that you want to be more prepared?  Consider my G4 Kit Solo.

Purchase Details

Informed Consent: You will need to read and accept the Informed Consent before purchasing.

Billing: All appointments and purchases are billed through Spirit Homeopathy LLC.

Returns: Please be sure to follow all instructions and ask questions when you are uncertain, because no returns are accepted for Common Injuries consultations.


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