We suffered vaccine injuries both in our son and in our dog, yet we still wanted to protect our family from the most hard-hitting and life-changing diseases we face today.  Homeoprophylaxis is the answer in our family, with effectiveness at 90-95%, just like conventional vaccines at their best, but without the side effects.

Perhaps more importantly to me, stastics indicate that long-term health is better for those children who have used homeoprophylaxis than for those who used conventional vaccines or received only constitutional homeopathic care.*

I am offering homeoprophylaxis as a service now and am certified in Isaac Golden’s program.

This service includes an hour of Q&A as well as the instructions [$125].

You will need to purchase the remedies separately.  Kits are available at I & E Apothecary [$88 or $180] or from me for more custom or more extensive kits.  The I & E kits are made with pills that contain lactose.  If lactose causes problems, we can discuss alternatives.


Photo courtesy of NIAID, under license.

*Study details available upon request.  Basics are that the study included children aged 4-12 and looked at issues concerning asthma, eczema, hearing/ears, behavior, and allergies.  Hearing/ears were not as protected as the other chronic health concerns.


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