4/ Spirit

Connecting with Spirit is like connecting with oneself.  It is a Coming Home of sorts. Connecting with Spirit brings greater alignment between what is and what is meant to be, which is what we all desire. And yet so often we resist it as we resist ourselves and who we are.  We do not accept […]

Rock, Paper, Flowers

Rock, Paper, Flowers

Permission granted by my flower therapy certification work, beauty provided by beautiful flowers offered for a few dollars at Trader Joes, and the inspiration simply flowed.  What was I to do but reawaken my penchant for photo cards … Available soon at Star Light Hawai’i!

Surgery Webinar

To sign up for the Surgery Preparation & Recovery Webinar for and through the National Center for Homeopathy, go to this link on my homeopathy website or directly to the NCH registration page.

Messages of Help for February 22 – 28, 2016

This week promises to be a buoyant one.  Bring your best and you shan’t be disappointed. Your path to complete enjoyment is clearly marked, and it states the following: Stay Clear This is not as fundamental as it seems upon first impression, of course.  Clarity proves elusive at times.  Then clear it. Clear the air. […]

3/ Love

What shall we work on today? Let’s start with this:  Love. Love comes in many shapes and forms, some of which are explored in Languages of Love. However, we do not always recognize or receive love in its many forms. For instance, God shows his infinite and abundant love for us by providing many means of […]

2/ Know Who You Are

You must know who you are to proceed in life with grace.  This is a simple task and one that can be made more difficult by the advances in society or the strictures one feels from society. If you are wondering whether you are meant to go in one direction or another, know who you […]

Project 1

My work centers around shedding unnecessary elements that we might live truest to who we are and serve accordingly, including writing and speaking on supporting sensitive people seeking to thrive in their gifts and supporting healing such as through homeopathy and work with Angels.

Remedies for February 7-14, 2016

We are gifted with a message today from Archangel Michael, to carry us through the week and beyond. Begin every moment with an awareness of blessing, for you all are blessed beyond present knowing, in ways you fail to comprehend or even recognize. This is where true momentum is gained in life–in these inner places […]

Love invites/Fear repels

Imagine for a moment, the cells in your body are able to react and respond to your emotional choices; they do so by communicating with each other; love invites communication and awareness, fear/anger repels dialogue creating confusion and distortion, often causing damage and or separation on a cellular level. I invite you to focus upon […]

Messages for February 1-7, 2016

Messages from On High this week. Powerful ones, this is for you.  This is your time, your way.  You will be surprised how things can fall into place in a short span of time if you let them. How do you let them? Open.  Open to receive, open to the love, the light.  Open to […]