11/ Use Your Gifts

Your work, your challenge, is to make a new path not just for yourself — also for other sensitive people who suffer in silence as you have, knowing all the while, deep down, how beautiful their gifts are, how beautiful their souls are. This won’t come as a surprise to you because you have been […]

10/ Hold Your Head High

You know how you want everything but feel as though it is an upward climb persistently? This is simple as can be:  Hold your head up high and proclaim with every breath that you are truly deeply worthy to receive your dreams into reality. Just hold your head up high.

Moving Past Fear

There are so many ways to move past fear, and so very many levels of fear. If a low level of fear is keeping you from doing something that you know is right for you, that you know in your heart you should do, consider this technique shown to me by Spirit this week: Imagine […]

“No” Is The New “Please”

Do you remember that magic word–the one which, if uttered at the correct moment would turn an empty hand into a delighted you?  The one required at times to turn an empty stomach into a contented belly, a stern look into a pleased smile? Behold the power of the “magic word.” When I was growing […]

Remedies for January 4-10, 2016

Your heart space may want to close itself off this week and limit contact and connection with others. Whereas safety and protection always should form high priorities, your openness to love should as well. This is why we recommend that you spend some time this week on the following exercises:

Here’s One for the Sensitive Folk

Just a quick reminder that if you are sensitive, you are also … sensitive!  That means, you receive ‘information’ that other people don’t.  Like a sensitive antenna.  Who wouldn’t want that? Sure, you might get a few extra stations and some of them might just be noisy. But you can learn how to tune-in to […]