Help for a Sprained Ankle

If you have sports in your life, this definitely is one for you!  I sprained my ankle recently, and I healed it rather quickly and easily using mostly homeopathy.  That helped me quickly get back to my full-time responsibilities and, more importantly, living my fullest, highest life. Of course, sharing is what I do, so the […]

The Quick Six: Bites and Stings

The final bit of your Quick Six ensemble would be something to address bites and stings, which in fact is what brought my family to homeopathy in the first place. The Remedies: The most frequently recommended remedies for bites and stings are as follows: Arnica – especially if there is bruising Apis – especially for […]

Dental Treatment Support

If you have a stiff dental hygiene appointment or other dental work scheduled, homeopathy can be a helpful support.  Here is what I do: The Remedy Combo Using either a spritzer or a dropper bottle, fill with distilled or purified water, ideally, then add one dose of each of the following remedies, in whatever potencies […]

Staph Infections

Homeopathic Staphysagria often is used to treat Staph Infections [as are other remedies]. We have used it twice in my home–once for my dog’s stye and once for an itchy affection on my ankle diagnosed as a Staph infection.  At the time of my dog’s stye, the vet simply recommended a protocol of a few weekly doses […]

A Good Remedy for Thick Mucous + How to Use Homeopathic Combinations and Syrups

There’s a flu going around just now that responds to Oscillococcinum initially–also if you take a microdose [just a few granules] after exposure and before onset, you can stave it off completely–and then moves into a congestion stage with frontal sinus pain, post-nasal drip, and/or cough. I’m a fan of Kali Iodatum for a lot […]

Weeding: The Homeopathic Healing Process

I see homeopathy like weeding.  You can lop the weed off above ground, but that typically will not get you anywhere in the long run.  It might look like there’s no weed, but there’s a weed.  And a weed root system, linking itself to and nourishing yet another weed. I like to get those roots and […]

Homeopathy for Easier Business Travel

Business travel can bring with it a host of stressors, both physical and emotional.  Homeopathy can be of great support.   The following tips will help you gather remedies to help you thrive rather than survive [or buy a customized kit].  A constitutional remedy also should help you with these and most other ailments listed here. Boost Your Immune […]

Homeopathy for Brain Injuries

Brain injuries seem to be treated, even by many homeopaths, as untreatable and certainly incurable.  I am here to provide some hope, some ideas, some means. Immediately The first, best means to address a brain injury homeopathically is to give Arnica immediately afterwards.  If you have kids who play games like soccer, football, hockey, consider giving […]

Topical Homeopathic Treatment

For issues occurring on or near the surface of your body, topical homeopathic treatment can be phenomenal.  They will only work for purely physical issues, though.  If you have an emotional cause for your ailment, a topical won’t help. That said, I’ve seen topicals helpful for a whole range of issues from bumps to nerve […]

Tingle Tingle: When Nerves Need Repair

Hypericum is great for nerve repair, old or new.  Think of it instead of Arnica for injuries to nerve-rich areas, such as fingertips, toes, and tailbones. But it is useful way beyond that for any nerve injury, new or old. Specs Select your potency, if you have a range of potencies available. –30c for mild injury, […]