Help for a Sprained Ankle

If you have sports in your life, this definitely is one for you!  I sprained my ankle recently, and I healed it rather quickly and easily using mostly homeopathy.  That helped me quickly get back to my full-time responsibilities and, more importantly, living my fullest, highest life. Of course, sharing is what I do, so the […]

Skin Oil

My skin oil is becoming a thing on its own, though I’ve mentioned it in my skincare and bites-and-stings posts. This, though, is the thorough low-down on my combo. Ingredients I purchase both ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs: Organic Hazelnut Oil Helichrysum Essential Oil Recipe My base recipe is one ounce bottles [that’s about 30 […]

The Quick Six: Bites and Stings

The final bit of your Quick Six ensemble would be something to address bites and stings, which in fact is what brought my family to homeopathy in the first place. The Remedies: The most frequently recommended remedies for bites and stings are as follows: Arnica – especially if there is bruising Apis – especially for […]

The Quick Six: Major Injuries

Arnica is probably the best-known and most used of all homeopathic remedies.  I would guess that it is the remedy that most frequently introduces people to homeopathy. And with good reason.  Arnica is kind of the if-I-were-stuck-on-an-island remedy.  So The Quick Six would be incomplete without a higher potency vial of homeopathic Arnica. It is […]

The Quick Six [game-changers, life-changers, world healers]

Many in alternative medicine consider allopathic medicine to be well-suited for emergency situations, and surely it is. There are these spaces, though, shy of emergency, where homeopathy has been very helpful to my family.  In fact, in my own family, I have found homeopathic first aid to be a major relief and contribution to my peace […]

Physically Exhausted? From the flu, exams, trials, conferences, ….

The flu that is going around has reminded me of the value of Kali Phosphoricum, a “tissue salt” or “cell salt.”  More on that part later.  The short of it is that Kali Phos or kali-p is crazy helpful when you’ve just endured something physically depleting. Beforehand:  If you know you are headed into something […]

Homeopathy for Brain Injuries

Brain injuries seem to be treated, even by many homeopaths, as untreatable and certainly incurable.  I am here to provide some hope, some ideas, some means. Immediately The first, best means to address a brain injury homeopathically is to give Arnica immediately afterwards.  If you have kids who play games like soccer, football, hockey, consider giving […]

Topical Homeopathic Treatment

For issues occurring on or near the surface of your body, topical homeopathic treatment can be phenomenal.  They will only work for purely physical issues, though.  If you have an emotional cause for your ailment, a topical won’t help. That said, I’ve seen topicals helpful for a whole range of issues from bumps to nerve […]

Tingle Tingle: When Nerves Need Repair

Hypericum is great for nerve repair, old or new.  Think of it instead of Arnica for injuries to nerve-rich areas, such as fingertips, toes, and tailbones. But it is useful way beyond that for any nerve injury, new or old. Specs Select your potency, if you have a range of potencies available. –30c for mild injury, […]

Herbal Medicinals Get Amped with Homeopathy

Though we describe homeopathy as the principle of curing symptoms and disease using the concept that Like Cures Like, there is one itty bitty but important exception, in my experience: Herbal medicinals that are beneficial in plant form see their benefits amplified in homeopathic form.  Arnica is used as a component in massage oil, for […]