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12/ Your Knowing Center

Dear Lord,

Help us sensitive people rise up into our strength and take our place int eh world as leaders, teachers of all kinds, and change initiators.

Thank you!


Every human is blessed with an inner knowing of who we are as individuals as well as collectively.

Change is always a priority–improvement of self, creating collective progress.  We do this through struggles at times–inner or external.  This is not however, entirely necessary, because joy, peace, and love truly are our intended baselines.

How are these then attained?  Or better yet, retained?

Your heart knows!

Your heat knows.

This is why the advice frequently is given:  Follow your heart.

It knows the direction for your life.  It is your compass in the wilderness of choices you face daily.

So return to it, and return to it again.  Return, return.  Make your heart your home for home is where the heart is.

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9/ Momentum

We must discuss forward movement.

We all desire forward movement, and this is only possible in our lives once we accept where we are and who we are.

You may approach this question with dismay.  You may approach this question with delight.  This is for you consideration and awareness.

Become more aware, then, and leave your sorrows and you consternations in the dust behind you for all is possible when you are with God.

It is not that you don’t know what to do.  You do.  You were born with that knowing.  It is covered, perhaps, by misunderstanding and disruptions and misperceptions, many loaded onto you by others.

So uncover it, uncover it all and there you will find you yourself and you know who.  THIS is the glory of being who you are–that you know these truths already.  You believe them because they are very real to you, to every fiber of your being.

Relax then if you must and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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8/ Make A Difference

To make a difference in someone’s life, including your own, you must be true to yourself.  Staying honest and true is the foundation of all that you want in this life.

Once you have established that, and you live it every moment that you have, your life will begin to feel made for you.

Try it and you’ll see.

When you know who you are, you can custom-tailor your experience on Earth from what you wear and what you eat to the friends you keep and the career that suits you.

So don’t keep it a secret–especially not to yourself!

Make it known first within yourself, find supportive people in your life who will help you blossom more fully.

If you are a parent it is your responsibility to see the truth of who your child is and to support that wholly and fully.

[This is not to be confused with enabling hurtful behavior, of course!  We are never hurtful when we are living in the truth of who God made us to be.]

Just knowing who “me” is will get you terribly far in life.

Count on it–you will see how it takes shape quickly once you align your outward life with your inner life.

Go forth, then, and be thyself!

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7/ Show Yourself

Write down your words for how it feels to be you.  You know it best, and writing it down can help you get to know yourself even better.

You must be honest and forthright so as not to forsake yourself at the start.  If you forsake yourself, what must others do?

So be bold and be strong in who you are and others will take notice.  Then they will strengthen your resolve and you will know for sure that you have gifts, you have talents, you have capabilities that are certain and are special as you are.

Next you must take a step of faith.  You must express your truth for the world to know and enjoy.

You will know and you will see that it is as powerful and real for others as it is for you.  You will see.

That is the gift right there.  The gift of knowing and of being and of caring and of sharing who you are with the world that most needs you to be you.

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6/ The Truth of You

Forget the stories others have told you about who you are.  That you are good, bad, or good at something, bad at another.  Forget all of it and replace these versions of reality with hard-won truths about what feels right tot you–really right.

Hold money in your hand.  How does it feel?  Know your values and make sure your actions are consistent with them.  Be your own mouthpiece.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.

It must be that as time passes you become closer and closer to your truth of who you really are:  One with God and the angels, one with creation, one with your soul.

You must know that is true already, and you must not forsake this knowing, this truth about who you really are.

Your burden now is to stay in this truth, to live in this truth.  From this only good will come.

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5/ Truth Light Peace

When you travel a path of peace and light, you know you’ve made it.  This is because all joy comes from peace and all love comes from light.  It is the basis for everything good.

You must know by now in your own life how good it is to feel pace–how right that feels.  Love, the sam way.  Light is merely a reflection of that love from above.

So in our lives as sensitive people, we must find ways of securing a constant state of peace and of light.  These two, always and together.

With peace and light, all is, and all feels possible.

Never mind the fears and the “but if” scenarios popping up in your mind right now.  They can say what they like but truth remains true regardless.

So, now to you–how do you maintain truth and light, peace in all ways and times?

This is simple and yet it is not.

First you must own your current state:  Are you frustrated?  Insecure?  In denial?  Whatever your current state, positive or negative, you must be certain of it and aware of it in its complexity.

Then take that feeling and expand it until it bursts.  Pops like a balloon or a bubble.  This will garner you more freedom and certainly more space.

Once you have accomplished this feat, you have an opening.  An opening for love.  An opening for peace and light.

Let it flood in.  Be with it for its duration, filling you up top to bottom.  This is your destiny, your find.

Now when you trip, when you stumble or even fall, your destiny still waits for you.  You need only claim it.

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4/ Spirit

Connecting with Spirit is like connecting with oneself.  It is a Coming Home of sorts.

Connecting with Spirit brings greater alignment between what is and what is meant to be, which is what we all desire.

And yet so often we resist it as we resist ourselves and who we are.  We do not accept ourselves in wholeness as we ought to do.

We opt instead to forsake ourselves and choose to be what others desire of us and for us.

This is a mistake.

We must follow our own lead, take charge of our own lives by coming into alignment with our wholeness of being.

This includes our sensitivities, our abilities, our made-in-Heavenness.

What we must learn before we learn anything else is that we are One with each other and also one with He who created us.

This is not a mistake; never a mistake.

Only love is true and pure.  We are made in it and through it, and it [we] is [are] never a mistake.

Hope all you want to be something different or live somebody else’s life.  It won’t happen, it can’t happen, because it ought not to happen.

You were not born someone else because you are meant to be you.  You are here to be you and no one else can do that for you either.

It is time.

It really is time.

Time for you to proclaim for yourself and the world and all creation that you are you–there’s only one.