In 10 bullets or less:

  1. Born and raised in Tamil Nadu, India by parents who were educational missionaries there.
  2. Some of my favorite memories from childhood are from the haven that is Kodaikanal, where I attended boarding school from ages 10-12 and where my family spent a few weeks every Summer.
  3. Undergraduate [B.Sc.] in research psychology from Eckerd College and graduate in law [J.D.] from Duke University School of Law.
  4. Met my husband in college where I was an athletic trainer and he was on the soccer team; we’ve been married since 1993.
  5. We have three children, two cats, and a dog; all of us are sensitive to some degree.
  6. Family is of great importance to me.
  7. I believe that most fortes also are challenges, and for me that work shows-up big time as my generosity [have to work on openness to receiving], self-reliance [learning how to ask for and receive help], and eagerness [ah, welcome into my life, patience].
  8. I am given to optimism because I have faith, because I need to have faith.  I couldn’t survive without it.
  9. Most of what I share I learned because I needed it for myself, my family, my friends, or my clients.


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