I’ll lay down my core values for you up front:  progress, health, and empowerment.

I believe that progress is possible no matter what.  Because I have seen it, time and again.  In my own life, in my family, in my clients.  

Concussion symptoms resolve within minutes.  Swelling rise before the eyes then subside momentarily.  ADHD medication no longer needed.  Depression lifted.  Tendinitis resolved.  Jammed shoulders quieted quickly and resolved within days instead of weeks.  Strained ankles going on to win the gold after remedies and a day’s rest.  Broken legs bearing weight [I do not recommend this!].  Competitions won when the athlete previously felt too tired to go on.  Arthritis rolled back.  Parkinson’s improve.  Antibiotics avoided.  Debilitating immune issues become non-issues.  Energy drinks left in the dust.  Knees return to functionality.  Backs too.  Lots of body parts, for that matter!  And a fun one from my family:  my aunt says that now she can “turn her head like an owl”!

Homeopathy is compelling because it is deep and broad.  It works by igniting your body’s inherent healing capability, so it always means empowerment, it always means greater health, and it always holds the potential of progress.

When we can capture these three elements—health, progress, empowerment—then all that remains is our own determination, our own commitment, our own will.  

And that’s the easy stuff.

So in my practice, my goal is to reduce interference in these three elements by reducing stress on the body and the mind, repairing that which already has taken a hit, and helping my clients stay at the pinnacle of health with prevention and maintenance programs.  I provide my clients with a protocol to nourish, rebuild, and maintain optimal health.*  

Just as important, I include for each client** a toolbox of remedies to address the most common [and scary] issues we face:  major injuries, head injuries, sprains & strains, general first aid, minor injuries, stress, illness, stamina.  And you can carry it in your pocket—all 20+ doses of each!  That is pocket-sized confidence, in the words of my clients.

If you are committed to your health and are ready to include homeopathy in your strategy, I am ready to work with you.

Pamela Lialias holds a B.Sc. in Psychology from Eckerd College, a J.D. from Duke University School of Law, and an H.M.C. from Luminos Homeopathy, and puts all of that education plus a massive amount of life experience in to helping high performance individuals optimize their bodies and minds to attain their highest possible health.  The possibilities are endless; book here.  

*Part of the G4 Kit & G4 Kit Pro.  
**All G4 packages include the G4 Kit!

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