I was raised in India in the 1970’s, when there were laws against imports and Western-style medical care was less easily accessed.  On a trip to the United States when I was a young child, I splurged on a First Aid kit.  Bandaids!  Medical Tape!  The thought of having first aid options at my fingertips was exciting even then.  I treasured that kit and still do for sentimental reasons.  Self-sufficiency meant freedom and options.

Fast forward 25 years, some sports medicine training [more bandages!], a degree in Psychology, and another in law. 

My eldest son suffered an inflamed bee sting on his neck and homeopathy was my last resort: at that time, he would vomit if I gave him ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which is what the nurse practitioner at the pediatrician’s office recommended.  I was astounded at how simple it was to get that homeopathic medicine to go down.  When I was a kid, medicine came with a precious spoonful of jam, it tasted so awful!  And then I was even more astounded by the results–when he awoke from his nap, there was no sign of a sting whatsoever.

So my first experience with homeopathy was with first aid — a potential emergency averted.  Self-sufficiency, freedom, relief, higher health.  I was hooked!

Meanwhile, with constitutional homeopathy, we saw major gains in our daughter with special needs, who otherwise would have been relegated to a chair, diapered for life, and more; saw our son move from doctors mentioning the autism spectrum to no mention of it at all; manage the stresses of children with special needs; saved a pregnancy from miscarriage; and even were able to get off of or forego conventional medication for ADHD, hypothyroid and so, so much more.  For these gains, I couldn’t be more grateful to homeopathy.

In acute situations, time and time again, we avoided trips to the emergency room or calls to the doctor; saved vacations that otherwise would have been detoured by health issues or injuries; were able to forego antibiotics; and exchanged worry for freedom and fuller health.  As I undertook the study of homeopathy alongside using it for family and friends, I began to simplify the use of homeopathy in order to make it easier for more people to benefit from it in emergency situations.

Why not take a remedy en route to the doctor?

In the process, I was able to increase efficacy by optimizing the speed and accuracy of selecting a remedy–even in the midst of an injury.  I created topical remedies that address injuries extra fast.  And then I began assembling palm-sized kits to make all that goodness highly portable.

The reports started coming in:  People walking with a broken leg 10 minutes after taking my remedy for Major Injuries.  A strained ankle during pre-championship training which, with my Sprains & Strains remedy and a day’s rest, was fully healed and ready to support a gold medal winner.  Bouncing back after one dose of my Lactic Relief remedy for lactic acid buildup which otherwise would’ve meant days of recuperation.  A return of motivation with my Slightly Sore remedy when higher levels of competition brought post-workout fatigue.  A jump start on warming up and staying limber with my Sore Everything oil used preventively.  Competitions completed when the competitor was sagging with the use of a little Cell Food.

For the relief and freedom that come with homeopathic first aid, I think it is one of the easiest contributions that homeopathy can make to anyone’s life and health.  If you are ready to welcome extra relief and freedom into your life, book with me.

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