Angelic Dosing

Angelic Dosing is a joint effort between a multitude of Angels, Ascended Masters, and humans like you and me.

This method of obtaining homeopathic remedy doses involves only a delivery of the substance’s energy:  No physical remedy is required.

As a result, this opens up many possibilities from receiving doses of substances that have not yet been made into remedies to opportunities such as dosing from afar or when no remedies are available.

When you need a remedy, ask the Angels.  They will help you.


Before you get started, you should know …

Acute Dosing

When you first begin using his method, it can be hard to do on yourself during acute situations where fear, rage, or great discomfort is present.  However, sometimes another person can be the conduit.  So, for instance, if your child fell, you could do the dosing for him and give it to him either through your hand, your third eye, or maybe your heart light.

I still keep Arnica on hand, though, because when something major happens, it is helpful to have a physical dose t least as a back-up if not as first choice!


Angelic Doses are super gentle, so on the one hand, the Angels never will give too much or too high a potency, and they will never give the wrong remedy.

On the other hand, my experience is that it can take many more doses to achieve the same results as would be obtained from a physical dose–especially when a person first begins using this form of dosing.  For instance, with constitutionals, I need to request an angelic dose at least once each day [I do it at bedtime because it is part of my prayer routine and because we tend to be more open to healing at that time].

Sensitive kids and pets are really excellent receivers of this form of dosing!


You might know that I like using homeopathic remedies topically as much as possible for acutes, and the Angels support this.

You can request a dose just to a particular area–in the event of a knee injury, directly to the knee; in the event of a clogged eustachian tube, directly to the tube; for a bite, only to the bite.

However, if there is an emotional or spiritual component, not just physical, the dose likely will need to be for the entire being in order to be effective.

Remedy Selection

You must know the remedy that you want and request that remedy specifically.  If you request an Angelic Dose of a remedy that is not beneficial for you, the Angels will not give it to you and it therefore will not be of help.

If you are intuitive, you can ask for and receive information about which remedy would help you most and then request an Angelic Dose of that remedy.

Of course, you also can pray for and receive more general help, but you must know the remedy to receive help in the form of a  homeopathic dose.


For each person for whom you intend to do Angelic Dosing, you will need to make a connection.  So for each of your children, for you, your spouse, your pet, etc.

The connection is your angels asking Archangel Raphael, whose specialty is healing, how to do the Angelic Dosing.  It is super fast as long as your Angels are willing.

This connection only needs to be done one time.  Once your Angels know how to do the Angelic Dosing, they know.

Connecting for Someone Else

As with any prayer, Divine intervention is only possible if the person receiving it welcomes the help.

Every once in a while, there is a child who feels resistant to change or to being changed, and they are skeptical of being given doses of any kind, as an example.  Sometimes the Angels are really protective and might be reluctant from that perspective.

If you think this might be the case with someone in your family or for whom you intend to request Angelic Doses, you may not be able to make the connection request on their behalf–that person may need to ask their Angels to make the connection and agree to having you request a dose on their behalf.

ProtectRequestReceiveHow to 

There are three steps, and each one is crucial:  Protect, Request, Receive


If you are not already in the practice of requesting Divine light and Divine protection daily [which I highly recommend to everyone, especially sensitive people!], you need to know that your space is well-monitored and well-protected from lower energies.  If you have your own practice for doing that, that is your first step.  Otherwise, here is a link to one way to do that–scroll down to the section titled, Ground & Protect.


You can pray to God or Jesus, or you can ask your Angels directly–whatever your comfort level.  A request can be super simple but it must be precise–that means you have to know the remedy needed.  For example, you might pray, “Dear Lord, please give me a dose of Silicea. Amen.”

On the other hand, your request might be more extensive, such as, “Dear Lord, thank you for protecting us now and always in your white light of love and protection.  May I please have a dose of Silica, in whatever potency is best for me, hourly or as often as I need it throughout the night, consistent with what is in my best interest.  Amen.”

As described above, a homeopathic dose is not possible if you simply say, “Please give me something for fear.”  You can make a prayer request like that, of course, but it will not be like getting homeopathic dose of a remedy.  You must know the remedy.


Of course, we have to be open to receiving the remedy because Angels must act in accordance with our free will.  If you are requesting on behalf of another person, such as a child, that person must agree also–intentionally if they tend to be skeptical as described previously.

If it is a general rather than a topical or infusion remedy dose, the dosing energy tends to come in through the crown [top of the head].  Most of the time, once your Angels have made the connection and you have made the request, you have given your permission and receiving just happens.  The exception, as described above, is when we have difficulty receiving Divine help, such as when we are experiencing fear, pain, or anger.

BenefitUsing Angelic Dosing

We receive most of our remedies through Angelic Dosing in my family now, pets included, and it has been an immense blessing for us.  It also has been a blessing for me in my healing work, because I am able to help people who are waiting for remedies to arrive in the mail and to help friends and family who live further away.

You even can request Angelic Doses for plants, farm animals …

We do hope that you incorporate Angelic Dosing into your healing journey and that it proves to be wondrous, beautiful, and life-changing for you and yours too.  Then we hope that you share the joy, freedom, and limitless possibilities this healing holds.  Share it by rising into your truest state of being, and share it with others that they might know the same.



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