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FullSizeRender 28How did a graduate of Duke Law ended up as a homeopath and healer?  Well ….

I was born and raised in India.

My parents were educational missionaries–building schools, that kind of thing.  We had lived in the South of India for a long time when I first visited the River Ganges, which is in Northern India.  Until then, I had endured my share of stories about mistreatment of women, I had seen my share of mistreatment of children and animals, and I had given my share of allowance particularly to children beggars.  But that day, I saw so many children in need, and in very poor health, I was completely overwhelmed.  I did not have nearly enough allowance to share, and I was keenly aware that they were no more deserving of being in that position than I.  Why was I so privileged and they were not?

Of all the traumas I experienced in my life there–being held hostage, being in a military curfew, having our car nearly overturned by a mob, etc.–ironically, that approach to the Ganges was perhaps the most penetrating experience of my childhood.

Of course, like most such experiences, it also was a gift.  It is my Why.  Because everyone deserves whole health.  That’s why.  Whole health is foundational.

One of my most prized childhood possessions was a first aid kit I purchased myself on a trip to the United States.  I still have it!  In high school, I ran both Track and Cross Country.  I also completed a sports medicine program and served as a trainer for the Football team.

Although I expected to be pre-med, I pursued an undergraduate degree in research psychology at Eckerd College.  During my time there, I volunteered as trainer [sports medicine] for the soccer team, where I met my husband.  I also organized, with my roommate, a Rape Date Awareness Week, which then inspired inclusion of such a program in the freshman orientation.  At that point, I realized that our efforts to change ourselves, our families, or the world can start with one simple choice …

After college, I redesigned processes for Raymond James & Assoc. then Piper Jaffray, Inc.  I left corporate life for Duke Law, where I started and led the Innocence Project, for which I received the Pro Bono Award for my class.  From that effort, there is now also a Wrongful Convictions Clinic at Duke Law, the North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence, and several people have been freed from prison as a result of overturned convictions arising from the efforts of those working and volunteering with these organizations.  Ripple effects are beautiful!

My eldest child was born before I graduated from law school and I became a stay-at-home mom with a sizable student loan.  People thought that the Duke Law sticker must be my husband’s!  As adulthood took reign, I began developing skills that exceeded, derided, and engaged my formal educations, corporate experience, and even my experience with sports medicine.

My very first engagement with homeopathy was the result of a first aid situation for which I had few other options.  Its capacity to initiate healing in these urgent situations grasped my attention and has held it ever since.  This is why I am thrilled to be putting my simplified, portable kits in your hands, sharing this incredible power for healing and wellbeing in situations where we typically feel we have few options.

My grasp of the breadth and depth of the healing power of homeopathy grew, along with my intuitive feel for the modality.  I also began developing my spiritual gifts and obtained a Homeopathic Master Clinician [HMC] diploma, a certification in homeoprophylaxis [the use of homeopathy preventively], study of gemmotherapy, study of various forms of energy work, development of my own work with the angels, and study of a variety of additional healing modalities.

There was a constant flow of opportunities to learn through challenges in my own family, having a child with special needs, and through friends and other relations as I began sharing what I was learning with people [and pets!] who were experiencing anything from surgery to athletic injuries to uncontrollable hemorrhaging.

People were eager for the healing capacity and ease of homeopathy, but they were overwhelmed by the learning curve for self-care with homeopathy the traditional way.

As part of my busy life and eagerness to share the healing, I began developing simplified formulas and kits of homeopathic remedies and gemmo extracts for both internal and topical use.  They were well-received as a handy, highly effective way to address injuries at home, in training or competition, and during travel.  The feedback was impressive:  one person was able to walk into the E.R. with a broken leg after a dose of my Major Injuries remedy!

I began developing and refining formulas to prevent and address minor issues, too.  From mental stress to physical strains, abrasions to just being plain old sore after a workout [for a simple solution, try a dose of Arnica 6c for occasional after-workout exhaustion].

Each step of the way, I cycle back to my Why.  Whole Health.

If you’re ready for an easy way to prevent and address injuries while preserving and enhancing your whole health, check out my offerings on the Services page.  I look forward to working with you.

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