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An Answer for Everything

My toddler’s neck was red and swelling when I called the pediatrician. The nurse practitioner suggested Advil and that I swipe his neck with a credit card to make certain the bee’s stinger had been removed completely.

While he screamed, I scraped at the sting location with a credit card and evaluated my options. Advil would just make him vomit. Having no other option short of the emergency room, I [reluctantly!] tried homeopathy for the first time.

I dropped those little pills [of Apis 30c] into his mouth, gave him some limeade, and drove him home, where he napped peacefully and all evidence of the bee sting slowly disappeared. By the time he awoke from his nap, there was no indication he had ever been stung, and I was enthralled.

What is this magic pill that actually heals?

There’s a reason Amy Lanksy’s book is called The Impossible Cure. And healing the impossible? My happy place. Now I get to do it every day, helping athletes get back on their feet, get back to their game, get back to their lives–and livelihoods.

Mi hijo tiene 17 años y  juega basquetbol  desde pequeño, gracias a Dios siempre ha sido  muy sano, pero el verano pasado se enfermo con el virus de Mononucleosis, segun su pediatra  uno de los casos severos que ha visto, su higado y baso se inflamaron y tuvo icterisia,  estuvo en cama varias semanas con  fiebres muy altas, mucha debilidad, llego a desmayarse en la ducha y perdio casi 9 libras en una semana.

Back in the Game

Su doctor receto iboprofeno y reposo, semanas despues receto esteroides para ayudar con la inflamacion de su garganta que le impedia hasta tomar agua, comer era imposible.   Pasamos semanas muy dificiles cuidandolo, practicamente estuvo enfermo todas sus vacaciones.  Segun nos explicaron una vez que te da ese virus no regresa, pero en su caso tuvo dos recaídas en Septiembre y Octubre, con fierbre y cansancio, lamentable también tuvo que perder clases. La recuperación es lenta solo con vitaminas y suplementos.

No fue hasta que Pamela tomo su caso, ella lo conoce desde bebé  y reviso detalles de su dieta, habitos, comportamiento, asi como situaciones emocionales que pudieron debiitarlo y hacerlo mas propenso a enfermarse, todo tiene efectos en la salud, según nos explico. Pamela le receto dos medicamentos homeopáticos que en pocos días lo repusieron, es incredible ver lo rápido  que  unas gotitas y pequeñas pastillas pueden aliviar y proteger el cuerpo para fortalecerlo y evitar recaídas, un mes después tuvo una segunda dosis y no mas recaídas.

Pamela es una de las personas mas compasivas y brillantes que conozco, ella se comprometio a investigar y estuvo pendiente del tratamiento hasta su completa recuperación. Los deportes competitivos demandan mucha energía física y mental  para los chicos, gracias a Pamela mi hijo ha podido recuperarse, subir de peso y continuar con sus entrenamientos, partidos y estudios.


My son is 17 years old, a basketball player for years, thank God always healthy, but last summer he got sick with the kissing virus (Mononucleosis) one of the worst cases his doctor had ever seen. His liver and spleen were inflamed and he got jaundice. He spent weeks in bed with high fevers, and he was very weak, even fainted in the shower once, and he lost almost nine pounds in one week.

His doctor prescribed ibuprofen and rest, weeks later steroids to help with the throat inflammation, he was not able to drink and eating was almost impossible.

We spent stressful weeks taking care of him, he was sick almost the entire summer.

We were told that once you get the virus it would not come back again, but he got two relapses in September and October, he even had to miss classes, he got high fevers and weakness. Recovery was slow with vitamins and supplements only.

It was only until Pamela took his case, she knows him since he was a baby, she reviewed details of his diet, behavior and emotional situations which may have taken him to be susceptible to get sick. Every aspect can be related to his health she explained.

Pamela prescribed two homeopathic medications which in few days helped him recover.  It’s unbelievable to see how fast a few drops and little pills can relieve and protect your body, making  him stronger and preventing another possible relapse. [emphasis added]  One month later he got a second dose
and no more relapses have occurred. 

Pamela is one of the most compassionate and brilliant people that I know, she is committed to her research and has been watching the treatment closely until complete recovery.

Competitive sports demand a lot of energy both physically and mentally from the kids. Thanks to Pamela, my son has been able to continue his recovery, gaining weight and fulfill his practices, games and studies.

–Claudia, mother of this fine basketball player

Finishing a Winning Season

Does it sometimes feel like homeopathy has an answer for everything? I think it does. If you’ve used it, I bet you do too.

Are you recovering from a recent issue and want to boost your recovery with homeopathy, let’s do it!



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