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Mosquito Bite Prevention & Relief

If you have trouble with mosquito bites, I imagine that you’ve been searching the internet like crazy! I know I was! I tried everything–and I was already studying homeopathy when my kids started developing giant lumps in reaction to mosquito bites. [In fact, one such reaction is how my first topical remedy was born!]

So, here’s the rundown of what works for most people as well as what worked for our family in dealing with the excessive reactions to mosquito bites.

The 80%

If you’re lucky enough to get a simple itch when it comes to mosquito bites, they probably still drive you crazy!

  • Typically in homeopathy, Ledum is recommended for mosquito bites.
  • I find that for minor reactions to mosquito bites, my First Aid Oil does the trick.
  • Another option is Black Currant gemmo extract, which many of my clients already have on-hand because it’s so great for inflammation in general. You can just apply a drop of that to the affected area; for many people, it also works like a charm.

The Lucky Few

For those whose bodies really really do not like mosquito bites, this is the regimen that works for us:

Increase Vitamin B-12 consumption in general. You can increase your consumption of a fuller spectrum B via Nutritional Yeast [I keep it in a shaker bottle on the dining table and put it under or on top of every savory food]. If you prefer a supplement, we use methylcobalamin. I like two brands because my kids find them palatable and they work: sublingual tablets in 5 mg by Source Naturals, and the liquid by Pure Encapsulations [which is more expensive and less widely available].

In general, the B-12 approach seems to have reduced the frequency of bites and the severity of the reaction in combination with the foundational homeopathy and Gemmos they’re taking. My kids aren’t eager to eat nutritional yeast on their food, but after their first round of mosquito bites of the Summer, they remember that it sure is better than all those itchy bumps!

When they do get bites, as soon as possible, I start my protocol:

  • Start with the First Aid Oil applied to the area. Remember, relief is not immediate but arrives in short order [typically within 3-5 minutes but definitely within 10 to 15 minutes you should be feeling the ease].
  • Take a dose of B-12 5 mg.
  • Take a dose of Black Currant gemmo to lessen the reaction [also called Ribes Nigrum].
  • If you cannot get to the bites immediately with the above protocol, or if for some other reason the reaction is intense [forming lumps or crazy itchy despite doing the above 3], I add a dose of my Stings combination.

I repeat doses as needed–usually 1-3 times daily for 2-3 days. I always do the combination, though: When the bites start itching again, they get all 3 [or 4] things.

That’s it. That has changed so much for us and brought a pretty remarkable ease to our lives. I hope it does for you and yours, too.

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P.S. I have added the products I mentioned to my Wellevate dispensary, where you can purchase them at 20% off of retail prices.

P.S.S. Did you know that mosquitoes are pollinators?

P.S.S.S. Did you know that mosquitoes love a clogged up liver? This fantastic article on natural malaria prevention discusses the connection as well as numerous other natural and common sense means of preventing mosquito bites:

Mossies and malaria parasites love a clogged up, sluggish liver! It’s what makes some people so ‘delicious’ that they are constantly bitten. So clean out your liver, and get yourself unconstipated, before travelling. I have known people with strong, healthy livers to pass through mossie-laden lands unaffected.

Nearly anything bitter that will tone the liver and ‘bitter’ the blood, such as grapefruit seed oil, neem tincture, china tincture etc. will be prophylactic against malaria (and go a long way against other infections such as typhoid and cholera).


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