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Help for a Sprained Ankle

If you have sports in your life, this definitely is one for you!  I sprained my ankle recently, and I healed it rather quickly and easily using mostly homeopathy.  That helped me quickly get back to my full-time responsibilities and, more importantly, living my fullest, highest life.

Of course, sharing is what I do, so the day-by-day follows the video, and a printable PDF gives you a handy, fileable reminder of the basic how-to.


The first thing was to pour my Arnica Spray on it–that’s Arnica 200c dissolved in water.

Then I took Arnica 1M as well as the Sprains & Strains combination, which contains Arnica 200, Rhus Tox 200, and Ruta 200.

It became clear that I needed the higher potency of Arnica, so I ended up using only Arnica 1M for Days 1 & 2.

I kept my leg elevated and as immobile as possible, wrapped my ankle, and I did not ice it.


I continued to use Arnica 1M as dictated by pain, wrapped my ankle, and kept it elevated most of the time.

I also went to the chiropractor, because it felt like a bone was out of place.  She found two bones out of place and set them back to their allotted positions.  That did bring some extra relief, and I was glad I had gone in for the adjustment because I felt my body had one less point of healing to accomplish on its own.

That night, I realized that I had not put any further topical treatment on it so I used my First Aid Spray, which contains Arnica as well as Calendula and Hypericum 200c.  I used that because I had it handy.  Given an easy choice, I would have used only the Arnica topically.

When I awoke in the middle of the night to help my daughter, I realized on my way back to bed that I had walked and not crawled to help her — and that I felt fine!


So, I was surprised to awaken in the morning and feel pain again.

Fortunately, I realized that the X Factor here was the topical, so I used that again starting on Day 3, to great effect.

Knowing that two days on the Arnica 1M was sufficient, I forced myself to quit, even though I was a tad worried because it had helped so incredibly with the pain the first two days.  I thus switched at that point to my Sprains & Strains combo–200c of Rhus Tox, Arnica, and Ruta, both internally and externally for one day.

I was surprised on Day 3 to be able to bear weight on my ankle and to be able to flex it.  My husband, who played a lot of soccer and thus suffered his fair share of ankle injuries, was amazed to see me flexing my ankle already.  I was mighty pleased myself.


I switched to only the topical application of my Sprains & Strains combination.  I find that the 200c topical lasts 24 hours per application, so I stuck with that.

About the Topical:  I used a topical application that I made in olive oil, but you could also use the remedies in water [and in lower potency, more often], if that is what you have on hand.  You could add a few drops of oil to your water to help it ‘stick’ to the surface of your skin, too.  If you would like purchase a topical preparation from me, that’s available too.

I continued to improve.  So did my ankle ;].


I began tapering off my use of the topical to every 2 days, then as needed.


Sprained Ankle


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2 thoughts on “Help for a Sprained Ankle

  1. Hi Pamela,

    Great video. You are braver than I doing that! I didn’t know you could dilute remedies in oil. By the way, my son is in college for athletic training. He is deciding now if he wants to go on to be a physician’s assistant.

    Anyway, great info!


    Sandra Seaman, C.F. Hom., CBCP


    1. Thanks for the pat on the back.

      That’s great that your son is studying athletic training. I hope the path becomes clear to him!


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