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7/ Show Yourself

Write down your words for how it feels to be you.  You know it best, and writing it down can help you get to know yourself even better.

You must be honest and forthright so as not to forsake yourself at the start.  If you forsake yourself, what must others do?

So be bold and be strong in who you are and others will take notice.  Then they will strengthen your resolve and you will know for sure that you have gifts, you have talents, you have capabilities that are certain and are special as you are.

Next you must take a step of faith.  You must express your truth for the world to know and enjoy.

You will know and you will see that it is as powerful and real for others as it is for you.  You will see.

That is the gift right there.  The gift of knowing and of being and of caring and of sharing who you are with the world that most needs you to be you.

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