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Skin Oil

My skin oil is becoming a thing on its own, though I’ve mentioned it in my skincare and bites-and-stings posts.

This, though, is the thorough low-down on my combo.


I purchase both ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs:
Organic Hazelnut Oil
Helichrysum Essential Oil


My base recipe is one ounce bottles [that’s about 30 mL] with 20-25 drops [that’s around 1 mL] of helichrysum and the remainder organic hazelnut oil.  Here are some other breakdowns of that recipe:

4 oz. bottle of hazelnut oil + 4 mL of helichrysum essential oil [if you wanted to make a large batch and then dole it out from there]

5 mL roller bottle starts with 6 drops of helichrysum then top it off with hazelnut oil

10 mL roller bottle starts with 7-8 drops of helichrysum then filled with hazelnut oil


SkinOilSetBagI originally made this recipe for my skincare regimen–it’s amazing at reducing blemishes and creating more radiant skin.  So, I always make the one-ounce bottles for the bathroom.  I have used both spritzer and pump styles, though always amber glass, and I typically get mine from Specialty Bottle.

Once I realized the usefulness of the oil, though, I began carrying it with me in a small amber glass roller bottle with stainless steel roller which I bought via Amazon Smile [I support Homeopaths without Borders with my purchases; who do you support?], though I see that Specialty Bottle is now carrying clear glass rollers with plastic rollers.  You can get them in lots of different sizes and other colors via Amazon, too.


I use it on just about any surface ailment, and almost always with at least some benefit.  The most profound benefits have been on blemishes, spider bite, mild scratches, and other people report benefits from other skin ailments too–especially the mysterious ones!


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2 thoughts on “Skin Oil

  1. I’ll need to give Hazelnut oil a try!

    1. Hazelnut oil is fabulous for acne-prone skin or for fussy combination skin, in my experience. Come back and let me know what you think of it!

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