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“No” Is The New “Please”

Do you remember that magic word–the one which, if uttered at the correct moment would turn an empty hand into a delighted you?  The one required at times to turn an empty stomach into a contented belly, a stern look into a pleased smile?

Behold the power of the “magic word.”

When I was growing up, the magic word was “please.”  But today, as adult responsibilities, moral responsibilities, ethical realities, human commitments, earthly desires, and input opportunities [think phone, TV, etc.] flood our lives, I’m thinking the new magic word is “no.”

Not that “No, thank you” wasn’t part of the etiquette teachings of my day.  It’s just that “Yes please” was more magical, more rewarding.

Now, I’m thinking that knowing our limits, grasping our discernible boundaries, happily stating a claim to our territory … I’m thinking these are ultimately equally rewarding.  It’s another way of saying, “Yes, please” to you.

And not only in adults.

What if our children intuitively knew how to enforce their boundaries?

What would all of our lives be like, what would our world be, if we valued the no as much as the yes?

Start with yourself, knowing who you are and what helps you thrive.  Then expand, expand, expand your circles.  Send out ripples of knowing, appreciating, respecting.

It’s what the world wants, it’s what the world needs … and it all starts right now within you.

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