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Remedies for December 28, 2015-January 3, 2016

As we prepare to bring in the new year, our choices come into play more than ever.  Our Heavenly Helpers would like to begin there then move on to some specific selections for your health and wellbeing this week.

Prepare for the New Year

This week is worth a fortune, truth be told.  Make sure you claim yours!

You can start by reflecting on your life and the changes you would like to see in it not only for yourself but also for your loved ones:  Where should you go?  What should you focus on–why are you here and what gift are you meant to share with the world?

As you begin to gain clarity about your direction, your choices also will become more apparent:  What must you do, make, receive in order to enjoy the vibrant life you imagine for yourself and your loved ones?

Capture this moment of possibility with a script that you repeat often.  Seal it with a kiss.  Your love is of the force that can make it happen.

Remedies for the Week

Your remedies for the week may surprise you, bring you joy.

Take for example the flu which is “headed your way.”  Your fear reigns then joy subsides.  Prepare yourself and use discipline on all fronts so that joy can preside:

Wear a hat and coat, scarf, mittens.  Stay warm is the point.  Do not under-prepare or give sway to propriety or aesthetic.  Let function be your guide.

Play soothing music and relieve stress rather than building tension.

Have on-hand top remedies to take at the slightest provocation:

Eupatorium Perfoliatum
Hepar Sulphur
Kali Iodatum

Your choice is available for you:  will it be joy or will it be fear?

May Love, Peace, and Joy be your guides.

Leaves that appear as flowers near active volcano, Kilauea.


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