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Emotion Code

I was introduced to the Emotion Code by Sandra Seaman who migrated from homeopathy to Body Code, the more advanced professional method of the Emotion Code.  As impressive as homeopathy had been, Body Code was even more impressive to her because it seems to fly through layer upon layer very quickly.  As I am assisting her with her clients’ homeopathic needs now, I decided to get the Emotion Code book so that I could understand the method and how homeopathy might fit in with it.

The developer of the Emotion Code and Body Code has an interesting story himself.  Long story short, as a child he was cured of an ailment for which conventional medicine had left his family little hope.  Emotion Code is basically an outcome of that and, likely, his chiropractic training.

The essence of the Emotion Code is that if you can identify an [unresolved] emotion–and, ideally, its origin, where it has lodged itself to weaken your body, etc., you can clear the emotion.  The book includes methods for muscle testing to identify all of these aspects.  Intuition works, too!

Running the Governing Meridian with Magnetic Hematite
Running the Governing Meridian with Magnetic Hematite

Then, to clear the emotion, a magnet is run three times with just that intention down the Governing Meridian, which runs from about the mouth in a straight line up over the head and down the spine to the coccyx [tailbone].  Actually, his method is a little different but of the same essence.

Update:   Now, I clear using either my hands or a Vogel crystal.  I always start with prayer and run the meridian 10-12 times.  When I begin, I state the emotion/issue I am clearing, and  I say, “throughout space and time for all involved: all generations, all lifetimes.”

I use a handful of magnetic hematite to run the meridian.  I have found that some emotions require more than three run times.  And of course sometimes an ailment has more than one emotion attached to it.

The Body Code goes far beyond the Emotion Code in ways that I have not experienced nor do I fully know, but Sandra does, if you want to contact her!

Meanwhile, I see three highly beneficial uses even simply for the Emotion Code at home:

1.  When you’re in the midst of an emotion that is not serving you, clear it!  Not only does this bring you relief, it also prevents the emotion from staying with you unnecessarily.  Of course, you’ll still want to keep any lessons from your experiences, but anything that is not serving you can be cleared quickly and easily.  [I now am keeping a handful of magnetic hematite in my purse.]

As you know, I’m especially eager to teach children methods of maintaining health and connection to their higher purpose, and this is a very easy one to teach your kids.  If they cannot reach to run the full meridian, and they don’t have someone with them, they can run the magnet just over their head.  [Personally, I do that, then either start up again at the base or I drop the magnets down my spine.]

2.  Treat yourself when you know an emotion is at the root of an ailment.  We’ve tried it at home on ourselves, our cat.  The strongest factor I’ve noticed in using this at home is that if there is a dynamic which in homeopathy would be called an obstacle to cure, the Emotion Code treatment will help only temporarily.  And, just like in homeopathy–and life–if there are underlying causes, such as unhealthy habits, the Emotion Code clearing won’t ‘stick’ unless those unhealthy habits are removed.  So while you’re removing, remove the source of the unhealthy habits!

Homeopathy also can help with maintaining that support to your vital force, of course, and we can always ask for Divine help in overcoming any obstacle–we just have to follow the advice when it comes to us!

3.  The Emotion Code method can be useful for identifying the underlying issues that will help your homeopath or other practitioner help you resolve the health issue with which you are concerned.

Here’s to your health, and one more tool to achieving it in fullness …

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