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The Quick Six: Bites and Stings

The final bit of your Quick Six ensemble would be something to address bites and stings, which in fact is what brought my family to homeopathy in the first place.

The Remedies:

The most frequently recommended remedies for bites and stings are as follows:

Arnica – especially if there is bruising
Apis – especially for bee stings
Hypericum – especially when there is nerve pain
Ledum – for puncture wounds including bites and stings

Once again, I’d suggest remedies in the 6c – 200c range.  You can order a combination from some pharmacies, make a combination yourself [see below], or pick the one you feel you’re most likely to need and use that.  If you are going to do the latter, consider that both Arnica and Hypericum would be in your Cuts & Bumps / First Aid vial or spray.

Because I carry only Arnica [200c or 1M] on occasions when I can’t carry a lot, I had only that with me when my husband was stung on his palm by something mysterious in the ocean.  It helped for a few hours, but after washing the dishes that evening, he started experiencing pain shooting up his arm.  I recalled that pain moving up the nerve toward the heart is dangerous, so I urged him to go to the Emergency Room.  He was reluctant, so I pulled out some Hypericum 1M and dissolved it in a small glass of water for him.  After the first dose, the pain withdrew and localized again.  He took another dose during the night, and again another dose in the morning, and that was that.  Whew!

How to make a combination yourself:

Put the pillules that you want to include between two spoons and crush them.  Then stir them up, and voila, you’ve made a combination.

Use it topically:

Don’t forget that you can use this topically too.  Here’s a reminder on how to make a topical out of remedy pillules.  In fact, it was an inspired topical application of Arnica 200c to a massive mosquito bite reaction that taught me the wonders of topical homeopathics in potency.

Non-homeopathic options:

Plumeria:  If you are someplace where Plumeria grow, you can break-off a Plumeria leaf and apply the milk to the site as quickly as possible.  This works quickly and effectively, much to my surprise and relief!

Helichrysum Essential Oil:  I recently was stung by a spider [this kind].  It stung me quickly while running away, luckily, but it was hurting by nightfall.  I decided to apply some of my face oil [hazelnut oil with helichrysum in it] to it, and I was surprised that the spreading redness and pain had diminished by morning.  One more application in the morning, and voila, it was no longer uncomfortable.   I am pretty sure that I never applied a homeopathic, only the face oil.

Meanwhile, my daughter had 3 mosquito bites [she reacts big time!], one of which was not responding to our treatments [why, we don’t know!], so I decided to go back to my original … Arnica spray, then had the idea to add the face oil on top of it.  Voila, the swelling went down and the itchiness subsided.  I think I applied again that night and maybe again the next day before it was fully resolved.

Tried it again [Arnica spray + Helichrysum in hazelnut oil] on my husband, who caught it immediately after being stung and the results were complete relief immediately.

In looking into it, only Helichrysum [and Arnica, of course] are known to be helpful with bites and stings.

Now I keep some of my face oil in a tiny amber roller bottle in my purse.  I use it for a variety of skin complaints from scratches to stings.

To make a batch for my face oil dispenser, I put one dropperful of the Helichrysum [from a 1/2 oz. bottle] in 1 oz. of hazelnut oil [links above to Mountain Rose Herbs, where I purchase them].  If you buy the tiny roller bottles, I fill them all up and have them on-hand to give away.  People love ’em!


Homeopathics:  And finally, preventing mosquito bites.  Mozi-Q has come up with a homeopathic formula that prevents a whole host of bites [lice, ticks, mosquitoes …].  These are low-potency homeopathic combination tablets that you take half an hour before potential exposure and whose effects are expected to last a few hours.  The cool thing about the internal is that you have complete coverage [you can’t miss a spot] that remains through sweat, swim, sunscreen, etc.

Staphysagria is the remedy that prevents mosquito bites [Staphysagria is made from delphinium, and mosquitoes don’t like delphinium].  We have used Staphysagria 6x internally with success, and we also have used it topically for prevention [successfully, though they will find the spots that you miss if you’re in a mosquito rich area].

Other:  I have read and been told that liver tonics / bitters and vitamin B’s [like in nutritional yeast] are good mosquito preventatives.  Constipation also equals a sluggish liver, apparently, so regularity is important!


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