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The Quick Six: Immune Support

I’ve written a fair amount about immune support.  Most of us don’t care to fall ill, for some of us it is especially problematic, and for some of us some of the time it is especially problematic.

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Constitutional homeopathic work typically takes people a long way toward a healthy immune system.  And if you have a really good match with your homeopathic remedy, you likely could simply take a dose of your constitutional if you feel something coming-on or avoid it with some simple support like vitamin C.  For this Quick Six kit, you might get a kit that holds a few extra remedies so you can carry your constitutional remedy with you.

For those of you just looking for a general immune supporter or a works-on-anyone-anytime kind of an immune booster, here are my suggestions for your Quick Six kit.

The Remedies:

Oscillococcinum.  Dana Ullman calls it the equivalent of homeopathic chicken noodle soup.  The manufacturer says it is for reducing the severity and duration of the flu.  I say it has helped us avoid the flu, particularly when taken in micro doses [a few granules rather than a whole vial] when you know you’ve been exposed to the flu.

How to:

I take one of these remedies [and give it/them] daily during exposure and/or when I can feel that I am fighting-off an illness.  As long as we stay on top of it and take other reasonable steps for optimal health [like avoiding alcohol, sleeping adequately, and avoiding sugar], these remedies have helped us stave-off illness surprisingly well.

If you’re using it preventively, you also can put it in water.  But if you are actively fighting off illness, I’ve found that it’s better to take at least half a dose, if not a full dose.


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