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The Quick Six: Burns

There are a lot of recommended homeopathic remedies for burns, but I have yet to meet one that Cantharis cannot help.  So that’s the one on which we rely for sunburns and blistering pot burns.

For burns on nerve-rich areas, I’d also take a dose of a low potency of homeopathic hypericum and/or use the Cuts & Burns / First Aid Spray combo.

Generally speaking, I would stock Cantharis 200c in my Quick Six kit.

Using It:

As with the combination for Sprains & Strains, I would give a single dry dose, then put another dose in a water bottle [whatever you have handy will work; however, if you have a choice, a glass bottle or sports bottle with distilled water in it is ideal].  Subsequently, each drink from the “remedy water bottle” would be a dose, and you shouldn’t need too many.

I would then either spray with the First Aid spray or pour some of the remedy water over the burn.

As with almost all dosing in homeopathy, I would follow the principle of minimum dose, giving doses only as needed.  For a typical burn, you aren’t likely to need more than 2-3 doses.


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