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The Quick Six: Sprains and Strains

Another common-use combination in the Quick Six, we use this for sprains and strains of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and the like.

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It helps with acute injuries as well as injuries from overuse.  Most sprains and strains are obvious due to swelling.  Injuries from overuse can be more perplexing.  For instance, if you haven’t exercised in a while, then you feel quite sore after some serious exertion, this combination would come in handy.  With all of the carrying, moving, etc. that we do for my daughter, it comes in handy every once in a while when we tweak something too.  I surely wish I’d had it when I fell down the stairs!

I put it in oil for my G4 Kit for those occasions of more localized issues.  One client uses it on her neck and says that now she can turn her neck “like an owl” LOL!


Arnica–to reduce swelling, bleeding, bruising, and other soft tissue trauma
Rhus Tox–for stiffness in ligaments and tendons
Ruta–connective tissue and that special spot where bones and tendons meet [helps with the “how do you do?”]

Using It:

Whether for an acute injury or one from overuse, I would give a single dry dose, then put another dose in a water bottle [whatever you have handy will work; however, if you have a choice, a glass bottle or sports bottle with distilled water in it is ideal].  Subsequently, each drink from the “remedy water bottle” would be a dose.

As with almost all dosing in homeopathy, I would follow the principle of minimum dose, giving doses only as needed.  As a guideline, typically, we would say that one shouldn’t exceed 2-4 doses in a day.


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