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The Quick Six [game-changers, life-changers, world healers]

Many in alternative medicine consider allopathic medicine to be well-suited for emergency situations, and surely it is. There are these spaces, though, shy of emergency, where homeopathy has been very helpful to my family.  In fact, in my own family, I have found homeopathic first aid to be a major relief and contribution to my peace of mind and our wellbeing.

SilverKitHomeopathy can contribute in two major ways:  Ability to address the issue completely or at least to help enough to give you time to get to an emergency room.

Long story short [and you know that’s hard for me!], I have arrived at a simple list of 6 homeopathic remedies/combinations which have been of tremendous help to me, my family, and those with whom I’ve shared them.  I keep wondering … if every household in the world had access to and used these, might these be game-changers, life-changers, world healers?

Let’s spread the word and find out!  [That’s what leads me to post this info and how-to here ….]

The way this kit can be assembled, the remedies are straight-forward, easy to select, easy to use.  Here’s the low-down on the list, with further details including how to assemble your own kit, to come in subsequent posts:

Cuts & Bumps [My First Aid Combo]:  Reduce swelling, bleeding, bruising; fight infection; and repair and protect nerves.

Sprains & Strains:  Addresses swelling and bruising as well as injuries to ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue.

Burns:  Reduces the inflammation, pain, nerve damage, and blistering involved in burn injuries.

Major Injuries:  For head injuries and any other major injury, this is one to take en route to the hospital.

Immune Boosting:  Fight-off germs to prevent the flu from taking hold.

Bites & Stings:  This combination is beneficial for healing from puncture wounds and insect bites.

Remember that for surface injuries, you also can dilute one dose in 2-4 oz. of water, take a sip, and apply the rest of the remedy topically–for bumps, stings, sprains, or burns, for example.  So one dose can go a long way!

Stay tuned for more detailed information …..


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