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My Personal Energy Therapist [Can Be Yours Too]

For [less than, most likely] the price of one massage [they cost $7-11 ea. and 2-5 pieces will get you far], you can get a lifetime of relief from all kinds of ailments, from stiff or tight muscles to headaches.  These little gems have proven their worth in our house, much to my amazement and complete delight.

They save me time, they save me money, and they give me relief, comfort, and therein plenty of joy.

Processed with MoldivI just tape or clip [in my hair for a headache] them into place and voila, aaaaaah.

Where to get them:

I have bought my clear quartz crystal spheres from Gemisphere and Starlight.  Other crystal shops also carry them, and they are available via Etsy too.

How to use them:

I generally simply place them at the site of the discomfort or where I think the discomfort originates and where its reach ends.  So, for instance, if my forearm hurt, I might put a couple of crystals at my shoulder and one in the palm of my hand.  On the other hand, for a headache I’d most likely create a circle of spheres around the part of my head that hurts.

I leave them on for 20-30 minutes, sometimes longer.  When they start to irritate, or if I’m headed out the door, I take them off!

Gemisphere states that clear quartz brings life energy and balance to the area where it is placed.  In general, I understand that clear quartz dispels problematic energy and amplifies beneficial energies.

I also use them to clear my chakras.  Gemisphere has instructions for several therapies as well–chakras, metabolism, eyes, and awareness.  They also state that wearing a clear quartz crystal necklace after the therapy can help you hold the healing benefits of the therapy for longer.

How to take care of them:

Healing crystals must be cleared and re-charged.  Gemisphere has a variety of recommendations for clearing and rejuvenating crystals and gemstones.

I actually clear and re-charge mine with each use, though that is not generally considered necessary.

My preferred method is to put them in the sun, because that clears and rejuvenates them nicely.  A direct sun shining through a clear quartz crystal could start a fire, so you have to be careful with that.  Gemisphere recommends only 20 minutes in the sun for that reason.

I set mine in a glass bowl in the sunshine on a windowsill and sometimes take the bowl outside on a nice afternoon.

If we are sunshine-free for a while, I clear them under running water prayerfully until I sense that the spheres are clear [about 30 seconds].  You can also put it in a bentonite clay [detoxifying] bath.



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