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Staph Infections

Homeopathic Staphysagria often is used to treat Staph Infections [as are other remedies].

We have used it twice in my home–once for my dog’s stye and once for an itchy affection on my ankle diagnosed as a Staph infection.  At the time of my dog’s stye, the vet simply recommended a protocol of a few weekly doses of Staphysagria 200c.  It did clear the stye up in due time.

For mine, my naturopath recommended Staphysagria 1M as well as topically applied honey.  I did take the few doses of Staphysagria 1M because I felt that the underlying emotional issues [a type of grieving] were present and needed resolving.  It did help.

Dilute a few pillules in unto 8 oz. of water.
Dissolve a dose in 1 oz. of water.

However, for more immediate relief, what helped most was dissolving Staphysagria 200c in water and swabbing the area with it.  I think I had to do two such swabs, maybe 4-6 days apart to get complete resolution, but I did get immediate relief upon even the first application.

Topical use of homeopathic remedies in 200c, dissolved in water, seems to be something unique to me, but it is incredibly successful for everything for which I’ve used it or recommended it.  And, better yet, in our quick-results world, it seems to yield results within 10-15 minutes [except for issues like acne, where results are significant and visible the next morning but require repeat use for complete resolution].

You can get Staphysagria 200c from local stores sometimes, like Pharmaca and sometimes a healthfood store, or you can order it online:

United States:

Hahnemann Labs

Washington Homeopathic Products carries it in pills or in alcohol-preserved liquid.


Helios [London] carries it in pills or liquid.

Remedia [Austria] also carries it in pills or liquid — look for C200.

As a reminder, to dissolve pillules in water for topical application, just put one dose in an ounce of purified water and dissolve.

Also, FYI — According to the Mayo Clinic, staph infections typically are mild and simply irritating but can be incredibly dangerous, getting deep into the body.  So take them seriously!


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