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Physically Exhausted? From the flu, exams, trials, conferences, ….

The flu that is going around has reminded me of the value of Kali Phosphoricum, a “tissue salt” or “cell salt.”  More on that part later.  The short of it is that Kali Phos or kali-p is crazy helpful when you’ve just endured something physically depleting.

Beforehand:  If you know you are headed into something physically depleting, like a court trial, conference, performance, emergency response team, or tournament, you can take it once a day for unto two weeks to help keep your vitality up.

Afterwards:  If you’re depleted from the flu, Kali Phos 3X or 6X can ease your symptoms at that end stage and shorten the duration of it too.  This is especially true if your symptoms get worse as the day goes on, and if you feel sluggish in general, even though you’re over the worst of it.

The same goes for depletion after a court trial, exams, conferences, performance, tournament, etc. if you didn’t anticipate it with the Kali Phos!

12 Tissue Salts & Kali Phos
12 Tissue Salts & Kali Phos

Cell Salts:  There are 12 so-called tissue salts, also called cell salts.  They were determined by Schussler to be the foundation of all the cells in the body.  You can get a 12-salt combo, sometimes called BioPlasma, for those states of real depletion.  [I mentioned this combo in the post about remedies for business travel.]

Dosing:  Typically, we take cell salts in lower potencies on the X scale, which means you probably would be taking it 3-4 times a day for a few days to help coax yourself back to full capacity.  They can be helpful as a general go-to, during or after a draining experience, or in times of crisis when you need to stay well–and indeed often are used for so-called vulnerable populations [elderly, children] by homeopathic teams responding during times of crisis.

Learn More:  Miranda Castro has written a substantial and well-regarded piece on the 12 cell salts, for those who are interested in learning more.

To your health!

When you feel well, your light shines brighter.  When your light shines brighter, you share it with more of Creation.  It’s a beautiful, magnificent Light Ripple, and it starts with you!


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