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FYI–Coupon on Therapeutic Gemstones

One of my favorite sources for gemstones, as you know, is Gemisphere.  They have introduced a new, smaller size of sphere [6 mm], and they’re offering $25 off all 6 mm necklaces until tomorrow with the code HELLO6.  Free shipping on all gemstones too.

One of the best deals, and one of the most fundamental gemstone necklaces, in my opinion, is Black Onyx and the smallest one is $45, which means you’d pay $20 for it with the coupon.

Black Onyx is fantastic for grounding, and is therefore really helpful for almost everyone, including kids.

Here’s a quick story about why I fell head-over-heels for this stone:

My daughter was young, and she would cry constantly unless I was in the backseat of the car with her.  I was ready to feel like an adult–to sit in the front seat next to my husband!  So, one day, after a hike, I was inspired [Divinely, no doubt] to request my husband’s onyx necklace.  I placed it over the back of the front passenger headrest, in front of my daughter then hopped into the front passenger seat.

Would you believe that she was perfectly contented up there?

If you are intuitively gifted or have a child who is, this is an amazing stone!  Even having it nearby [say, on you!] is helpful.  I recently gifted one of these necklaces to a mom, and she said her children call it the “magic necklace” because of its properties.

I agree!



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