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Weeding: The Homeopathic Healing Process

I see homeopathy like weeding.  You can lop the weed off above ground, but that typically will not get you anywhere in the long run.  It might look like there’s no weed, but there’s a weed.  And a weed root system, linking itself to and nourishing yet another weed.

I like to get those roots and get the whole weed or weed system out so that the other plants can flourish.

So does homeopathy [and some other forms of healing, too, to be sure].

Do you remember the story about my friend’s daughter [scroll down to paragraph 6 in the Oxygen Deprivation at Birth section]?  The first remedy that I gave sweet Miss C was Baryta Carb 30c.  She took that once a month for two years–my friend called those two years “dreamy” because her daughter’s life had become so much more enjoyable with the blessing of homeopathy.  Then, one day last Fall, she said that she was not sure that her daughter was continuing to respond to the Baryta Carb insofar as it no longer relieved the painful muscle spasms.

This place in healing can catch people by surprise sometimes.  Most of the time in homeopathy, it simply means that a change in potency or a change in remedy is needed.  This is one more step on the path to clearing the deeper weeds or another grouping of weeds.

Sometimes, fewer remedies are required in the curative process.  Sometimes even just one.  On the other hand, when you have a considerable ongoing externally induced stress in your life, it is like constantly adding weeds, each of which needs a new remedy.  We can still make headway, but it can be slower going or require additional support.

So, back to Miss C, I checked with my intuition to see whether a higher potency would be beneficial to her or a new remedy.  What came to me was the need for the new remedy, and the remedy was Oxygenium.  This was exciting, because it meant that we were getting closer to the source of the injury / weeds [since the original injury was due to loss of oxygen before birth].

Miss C started Oxygenium and has begun showing some developmental progress, at age 9!  One thing that I have seen repeatedly in individuals healing their brain injuries is that cognition comes alive with homeopathy.  I also am seeing a tendency to move through the same basic stages of development as typically-developing babies and toddlers.

In this case, Miss C began swiping at objects placed in front of her and figured out how to scooch herself off the bed.  This is sooo exciting!  You might recall that a neurologist once gave her 6 months to live for a total life expectancy of 3 years.  That there were 17 no’s due to such significant brain injury before her mom found even one person who was willing to give Miss C CranioSacral Therapy.

Not to mention the number of times and people who assume that Miss C has no cognition, does not truly recognize her mother’s voice, or have the ability to experience emotion.

All underestimating her.

But her mother never underestimated her, and God never underestimated her.

Will you join me in a prayer?

Dear God,

Thank you for this day, this time, and the blessing of this moment.
Thank you for healing, for love, and for all that is for and from Your love.
Thank you for knowing me, believing me, trusting me, and helping me to move forward in this life that You gave me for my betterment.
Thank you for this chance, and thank you for my life.



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