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Homeopathy for Easier Business Travel

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Business travel can bring with it a host of stressors, both physical and emotional.  Homeopathy can be of great support.   The following tips will help you gather remedies to help you thrive rather than survive [or buy a customized kit].  A constitutional remedy also should help you with these and most other ailments listed here.

Boost Your Immune System:

The simplest recommendations here are to…
–stay hydrated by drinking clean water and using either a saline nasal spray or personal humidifier [or both], especially in dry climates or smoky places;
–consume plenty of Vitamin C;
–and get as much rest as possible.  [Use these tips to help you rest your mind so you can sleep, and see the next section when even these don’t help.]

Sleep Better:

Unfamiliar surroundings, extended schedules, and the stress of travel can disrupt sleep.  Look to these homeopathic remedies when sleep still evades …
–homesickness alone can cause problems with sleep and your enjoyment of your trip, so if you’re prone to that, consider packing Phosphoric Acid 30c [also remember it for other ailments due to emotional trauma or stress]
–being overtired can make it more difficult to fall asleep, and that’s a time to try some simple options like lavender or grounding, but if those don’t tend to help, taking the combination homeopathic product CalmsForte typically helps, or single out an ingredient or two from their formula
–if fretting or an active mind is keeping you awake, and the other tips do not help, consider a magnesium supplement [but go easy if you get a conventional magnesium because it can also cause swift movement of the bowels!], NerveTonic [which also can come in handy for general mental clarity issues due to nerves], or Argentum Nitricum 30c for trouble due to anxious thoughts.

Ward Off Sickness:

If you’re shaking a lot of hands, in large crowds, spending a lot of time in public spaces and the like, especially during flu season, you might take some extra precautions such as these …
–to keep the flu at bay, take a few granules of Oscillococcinum before and after the trip or even daily during the trip if need be;
–take 2 VitaBiotic with a glass of Emergen-C at least daily but unto 3 times a day;
–wash your hands often and use a personal hand sanitizer such as this natural one by CleanWell [or by mixing 50% vinegar with 50% clean water in your own spritzer]!

Boost Your Capacity:

When you need to be “on” longer than usual and more fully than usual, it can be taxing, especially without the comforts of home to rejuvenate you at night.  These remedies can help set you up for success …
–a combination of the 12 Tissue Salts, also known as BioPlasma, can be incredibly beneficial to boosting your overall energy level, helping you recover from or maintain intense mental or physical activity;
–if you are terrified of public speaking, flying, or any of the other aspects of your trip, Aconite can be of help.  I like 12c and link to that but if you are picking it up at the store, you could get 6c and take it as needed
-skip jet lag and make the most of your trip with Helios’ Jet Lag remedy combination–try 12c or 30c every 2-4 waking hours, starting at take-off and ending at landing
–avoid anxiety at meetings and presentations with a few drops of Rescue Remedy in your water for mild stress, and Argentum Nitricum when just thinking about the event is enough to make your system nervous

Recover Faster:

The nature of business travel is such that some excesses may be unavoidable and some may be avoidable but indulged.  Homeopathy can help you recover and get back to work [or home!] in the best possible shape…
–a hoarse voice calls for Hepar Sulphur, available at most health food stores
–fatigue from standing [or dancing!] all day can be alleviated with Arnica 6c, available at most health food stores
–overindulgence in food or drink or even work can be helped with Nux Vomica, also available at most health food stores
–dehydration despite your best efforts, and the resulting fatigue, can benefit from a dose of China, also available at most health food stores
–from stomach upset due to unfamiliar food to food poisoning, Arsenicum is a good choice to have on-hand

To your health!


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