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Busy Brain Preventing Sleep?

It can be incredibly frustrating when the body is tired but thoughts and worries flood your system.  Here are a few tricks to prevent and handle that so you can enjoy a full and splendid night of sleep:

Skip It:   Stimulants such as television, reading, alcohol, sugar can feel wonderful and relaxing in the evening, but they can rev you up too.  Try giving yourself some debriefing time before bed if you’ve watched or read something intense.  Keep your drinks small and of high quality, and have them early enough that you can detox them before bed.

Healthy habits are the ideal, and I am not a supporter of using homeopathy to correct for consistently unhealthy choices.  That said, for the occasional circumstance where you’ve indulged and still need a good night’s sleep, homeopathic Nux Vomica 30c is likely to help.

Scoop It:  If your mind is busy with thoughts or your heart is a-flutter with worries that are trivial or extraneous or in other ways unnecessary, ask your angels to help you scoop or scrape them away from you energetically so that you can relax into a good night’s sleep.  Imagine all of those thoughts and feelings being removed from your system.  You can imagine them being swept, scooped, or scraped away.  Aaah.  I taught my kids how to do this, too, when they have trouble falling asleep due to games and stories running through their minds at bedtime.

Save It:  When lists are circling in your mind like a spinning top, and these are items to which you do want to attend, try imagining gathering up each item, rolling it into a ball, and tossing it into a time when you can take care of it.  You can ask your angels to help you remember it at that time, too.  Works like a charm for me.

Soothe It:  A drop of lavender essential oil on the crown of your head before bed can soothe your whole system.

Drain It:  One of my absolute favorites at bedtime, and I try to do it for the whole family every night before bed, is the Brazilian Toe Massage.  It pulls all the energy down through the meridians [i.e., out of your head!] and is fantastically grounding.   If I forget to do it at night, no doubt my youngest will have a restless sleep and I’ll remember to do it in the middle of the night!

How do I do it for my whole family?  Energetically.  I hold my fingers as though I am doing it for my youngest and ask our angels to please simultaneously do it for the whole family and to finish it for me if I fall asleep in the middle [it is so deeply relaxing, that can and does happen].  I often do it while I say our evening prayers because I’m a hopeless multi-tasker.

Pray for It:  Praying for an excellent, refreshing night of sleep for the whole family can do wonders, not just for falling asleep but for getting the most out of your time in bed.  I recommend praying out loud with the other members of your family [so during nightly prayers with each child, for instance].

Take a Chill Pill:  I try to use homeopathy as little as possible for acute situations because it is far better to maintain healthy habits.  However, before I knew all of the above tricks, I used Hyland’s Nerve Tonic to calm my thoughts and bring on sleep.

Good night and sweet dreams!


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  1. Wise advice. I have a set list of people for whom I pray as I go to sleep. Just put everything in the Lord’s hands and go to sleep.

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