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Homeopathy for Brain Injuries

Brain injuries seem to be treated, even by many homeopaths, as untreatable and certainly incurable.  I am here to provide some hope, some ideas, some means.


The first, best means to address a brain injury homeopathically is to give Arnica immediately afterwards.  If you have kids who play games like soccer, football, hockey, consider giving a dose or two of Arnica 6c or 30c after games involving headers, tackles, and any other hard contact involving the head.  Arnica 6c and 30c typically are readily available at any health food store like Whole Foods, and it deserves a place in every backpack, briefcase, wallet, glove compartment…  Even for ‘small’ injuries, this can help the vital force address the injury to prevent the cumulative effect.

If the injury is significant, the potency should be higher, such as Arnica 200c or 1M [also called MK or 1000c].  That’s why I carry Arnica 200c on my key fob and 1M in my purse.  If a trip to the Emergency Room is necessary, I would take [or give] a higher potency Arnica en route.

I prefer to get the higher potencies of Arnica either in granules or liquid because that makes it eminently easier to dose in an emergency situation.

Astoundingly, after the birth of my daughter, when she was not breathing, the midwives gave me Arnica but never gave it to her!  Typically, a nursing mother would be considered able to pass minute portions of the remedy on to the child, I surely wish they had given her a dose too.  With the immense fright and trauma surrounding the birth, we all would have benefitted from a dose of Aconite 200c as well [shock, fright].  Perhaps if I’d been given that, I wouldn’t have left my body when they took my baby away.

Birth Injuries

The most common homeopathic remedy for a baby who is not breathing at birth [blue babies] is Laurocerasus.  I also wish my daughter had received that at birth.  In fact, our naturopath did bring it to the hospital eventually, but the doctors there did not understand homeopathy and thought it was an herbal preparation, which they determined to be dangerous.

We did eventually bring a Cranial Osteopath to the hospital, and she made a significant difference for our daughter while she was in the NICU.  I also have a friend whose daughter had a significant brain injury due to oxygen deprivation before birth, and she had to call around but the 17th craniosacral practitioner she called did agree to treat her daughter. I went on to do a couple of years of cranial osteopathic manipulation [COM], craniosacral therapy [CST], etc., and though we did not see any significant lasting forward momentum from it, I have since realized how much it helped with the shape of her cranium, palate, airway, etc.  These are significant benefits that we simply did not notice because we were looking at the more typical milestones like sitting independently, talking, walking, etc.


So, say you did not use homeopathy to nip the injury in the bud … Then what do you do?

Homeopathy can be of significant help even if you do not use it immediately after the injury.  Here are a few stories of friends that I have helped with homeopathy years after a brain injury …

Absence Seizures, Drowning:  A friend of mine contacted me for help with her son, who was having absence seizures.  She practiced Chinese Medicine but had not been able to help him.  She had taken him to neurologist after neurologist, and their prescriptions also had failed to help her son.  The remedy I suggested was Nat Sulph 6c.  Because I work intuitively, I often can determine the cause of a problem by intuiting the remedy.  That was true in this case, where I inquired as to whether her son had incurred a brain injury or head trauma, because Nat Sulph is known for seizures and other lasting effects of / from brain injuries.

Indeed, her son had drowned and been revived two years prior.  Though she had mentioned that event repeatedly to the neurologists, each one had told her that the near-drowning had no bearing on the absence seizures.

The Nat Sulph made significant improvements in her son’s life.  The absence seizures were significantly shorter when they did occur, and his mood improved dramatically–he was back to his old self, she said.  This is a common report with homeopathic recovery from trauma and music to my ears, because in essence this is what homeopathy is all about for me–bringing us closer to who we really are.  Lifting and unlocking.

So that you understand the process of recovery, the Nat Sulph 6c was probably not the ideal potency but was all that she had available at her local store and ordering from a homeopathic pharmacy was outside her ‘doable’ range at that time.  So, she had to give him the 6c 3-4 times a day.  When she eventually moved up to 30c, the dosing was also a little bit nuanced and more like every 1.5 days, which was tricky as you can imagine!

This is an example of how progress can be made even with a non-ideal potency but that it requires a little bit more effort.  In longer-term recoveries, my suggestion in such situations would be to use what you have available while ordering a more ideal potency from a homeopathic pharmacy.  Or learn how to do energetic dosing, which can be done anytime anywhere that you can get quiet time–this is its pro and its con.  Sometimes taking the pillule is much easier!

Oxygen Deprivation at Birth:  My daughter was born just 3 weeks after her friend, the one I mentioned when discussing CST above.  Her friend’s brain injury was far more significant than our daughter’s–our daughter’s main injury actually came from a severe overdose of a CNS-suppressant that she actually did not need [it was for seizures, which she was not having and the overdose was so significant that it nearly killed her].

Let me make my long stories short.  I am very well aware that the efforts my friend and I have made for our daughters has made a significant difference in their lives.  It is true that they are not “cured” but it is also true that they have far exceeded any expectations that conventional medicine had for them.  My friend’s daughter is almost 10 years old and still doing new things but was given a 3-year life expectancy.

When my daughter was in the hospital, I was told that she would require a permanent G-tube and never be able to eat via her mouth because she had no gag reflex while she was recovering from the overdose, but she left the hospital nursing, which is the most complicated way for a baby to eat.  When she was 10 months old, our PT told us that we should get a gigantic pediatric wheelchair that would totally tuck her in because we would need a “feeding system.”  She also told me to stop carrying her and stop walking with her [my daughter could walk holding our hands].  Well, we never have had a wheelchair and we never will [and that was our last appointment with that PT too].  We did  use strollers on occasion and now my daughter has a walker.

So on a macro level, you can see how homeopathy, nutrition, energy work, craniosacral work, conductive education, and a more hands-on expectant approach has made a significant impact on our children.  Here are some details on homeopathy specifically [someday we hope to write a book together detailing all of it for other parents who want more for their children than what conventional medicine offers]…

Once she left the hospital, my daughter never did take another pharmaceutical excepting a single dose of a reflux medication.  She was 1 y.o. when she started constitutional homeopathic treatment.    Her first homeopathic remedy was made from Ether.  She went from being a passive participant in life to being actively engaged and participating in play, etc.  When she was 3 y.o., she took a remedy made from the CNS suppressant with which she was overdosed.  She rolled-over by herself for the first time the next day, began sleeping through the night [vs. the waking every 5-20 minutes we had endured the previous 3 years], was relieved of chronic intractable constipation, was able to sit independently, and began walking [with help] sua sponte.  When she was 5 y.o., a homeopathic remedy got her crawling–being able to move herself was a significant change for her.  She also began sitting on her knees because that made sitting-crawling easier, but it had the negative side effect of making it easier for her to walk tip-toed and inward than flat- and straight-footed.  We addressed that with both constitutional and topical remedies, and our OT remarked that she usually sees that issue getting worse, not better!  The conventional treatment we were offered, by the way, involved Botox treatments and slicing the tendons then casting the foot/leg in a 90-degree angle.  Homeopathy also has helped her emotionally–to move past separation anxiety, for instance.  And it has helped in subtle ways, with her ability to use her body ever improving.

My friend used homeopathy for her daughter a little bit with the help of the craniosacral therapist in her daughter’s early years.  Mostly she used Conductive Education.  Her daughter was perhaps 7 or 8 years old when she mentioned to me that her daughter was chronically congested and tended to get sick come Fall.  Sometimes, Spirit just hands me a remedy on-the-spot, and that’s what happened then.  Baryta Carb popped into my head.  She started her daughter on Baryta Carb 30c, about one dose per month.  Here’s some of what she noticed from the remedy:  Significantly fewer spasms, ability to sleep longer and with about half the amount of sleep medication at night, more easily contented [able to stay upstairs by herself, for instance], more engagement at school, willingness to eat at school.  She also started a birth trauma resonance, which gave her daughter the ability to fall asleep quickly [rather than the typical hours it took] as well as significantly improved bowel movements and the ability to move her hands in new ways.

So ….

In my experience, homeopathic treatment of the individual can prevent, manage, relieve, and even progressively cure injuries to the brain.  In situations where few conventional options are available, it is especially wonderful to have choices.  Homeopathy can reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals while improving our overall state because homeopathy treats the individual, and in and of itself that makes it worthwhile to me.  When you add to that the joy with which healing occurs, the improvements made that are otherwise considered impossible and implausible, or the gains made at a speed that astounds, as well as the unlocking of a person’s joy and personality, I surely hope that if you or someone you know suffers from a brain injury, you will consider homeopathy as one option for healing.


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