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Sensitive People

Being sensitive, like most traits, is both a forte and a challenge.  For most of my life, I was aware only of the downside:  Constantly being accused of overreacting!  But take heart if you are sensitive, there is an up side — it is sensitivity that makes it easier for us to attune to other energies, higher energies.  Angels, loved ones who have crossed over, even energies in a room, people we love who are far away from us.  Intuition, healing capabilities.  All easier for those who are sensitive.

So, how do you enjoy and enhance the benefits of being sensitive while also managing the challenges?  Here’s what I do, like to do, or think I should do [and if you have sensitive kids, this is especially important to do for them and teach them to do for themselves]:

Ground and Protect:  Probably the number one thing we can do as and for sensitive people is to ground and protect.  When you are visualizing God’s protective light, visualize it as thick and impenetrable.  When you visualize the shield, send it as far out as you can–I send it beyond Earth’s atmosphere–and make it super strong.

If you have sensitive children in your family, make sure you do this for your entire family, morning and night.  Your sensitive kids easily pick up on your feelings, so making sure that your feelings are as yours as possible and as clear as possible is incredibly helpful.  I’ve seen older kids wean and begin sleeping by themselves just from the mom grounding and protecting herself!

You might also consider a variety of grounding essential oils.  Clary sage, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver are a few … I use sandalwood, roman chamomile, and vetiver in the bath for a serious destressing.  One of my sensitive kids knows to ask for a hot bath with 2 cups of epsom salts and that essential oil combo when he comes home feeling sick and he knows that it is from stress [experienced to him as distress].  The other great thing about it is that it is gender-neutral in its fragrance!  A drop of lavender on the crown of the head does wonders to enhance calm sleep.  [Many homeopaths believe that essential oils interfere with the action of homeopathic remedies.  I personally have not experienced that, but it is something of which you should be aware if you are undergoing constitutional homeopathic treatment.]

I’m a huge fan of stones, and there are several that are very good for grounding.  Black onyx [grounding] is a favorite, and it is relatively inexpensive, as is clear crystal quartz [clears negative energies].   [I linked there to Gemisphere, which has high quality gems strung on strong silk thread that is knotted between the spheres.  They have sales every week–20% off a particular stone–and recently started having big sales like 40% off everything in-stock.  So if it is out of your reach, you can wait for a sale.  However, I also have found good gemstones on other sites, like Etsy.  It is harder to find them strung on silk, and you should make sure that you clear them first.  However, if you make your own jewelry, Etsy can be a source for the stones.  I also like Starlight for gemstones, though they offer pendants and bracelets more than strands.]

When my daughter was young, she went through major separation anxiety in the car.  My husband had bought the black onyx from Gemisphere, and one day I was inspired to put it over the front seat headrest so that it dangled in front of my daughter in the back seat.  It was the first time she sat contentedly in the back seat while I was finally able to feel like a grown-up and get a tiny bit of adult time with my husband, moving to the front seat!  Even from a few feet away, it was grounding enough to help her.

There are other possibilities, too, like Mother of Pearl and amber, both of which I’ve seen sold in child-sized knotted necklaces.

Be Aware of Your Feelings:  If you have sensitive people living with you, it is really important to stay clear on your feelings.  Stuffing your feelings eventually results in an unpleasant release:  Either your children will push you until you let them out [usually onto the children, even though that’s not where they belong!], your body will end up manifesting the emotion as a symptom to get your attention, or you will get triggered by something small and release the full build-up of emotions [and probably inappropriately].

If you are looking at homeopathy in a family of sensitive people, I think it really helps to treat everyone in the family–pets included.  Sensitive people and sensitive pets often absorb on behalf of others in the family [hence the importance of shielding!].  This will help you manage your own stress so that your children [or other family members] don’t have to help you do so.  This can reduce physical and emotional symptoms–clinginess, acting out, stomach symptoms, nervous tics …

Most of the time, it comes down to this:  Don’t say “yes” when you really want to say “no”!

Clear Your House:  It is incredibly helpful to keep the energy [or energies] in your house cleared.  I try to clear and protect the bedrooms before sleep and the main living area in the morning.  You can use essential oils, herbal sprays, incense.  Burn palo santo wood, resins, dried herbs [from your garden!], sage [smudge] or candles.  Keep a couple of windows open just a smidge.


I would be so grateful to hear what works for you!



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