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Get Ready for Flu Season!

I’ve written before about boosting your immune function and staving off the typical Winter illnesses.

Here’s my quick run-down on the extra measures I’m taking this year to try to keep our family healthy while germs abound:

Homeopathy:  I do keep some cell salts around during the cooler seasons, and we do try to get in the habit of taking them.  I use the bone-builders mostly [silica, mag phis, calc flour, calc phos].  Also, Ferrum Phosphoricum is a well-known remedy for warding off a cold that’s just beginning.  If you have a kid that is prone to ear infections [and you’ve already got them on probiotics, I hope, and maybe been to a craniosacral therapist?], you might wanna keep Ferrum Phosphoricum and Kali Muriaticum 6x in the daily routine during these months.

I’m keeping Oscillococcinum on-hand–I even keep it in my purse kit [and my husband’s work kit].  When someone feels really tired and super achy–that kind of flu–I give a dose to that person, and then everyone else in the family gets a small prophylactic dose.  I tend to put a dose of Oscillo into a water bottle [4-8 oz. of purified water] then, and give a dose every 2 hours only to the person with the flu already underway, and only the first day.  The next day, the symptoms guide the dosing.  [Miranda Castro’s flu chart is handy too, and she does also recommend Oscillo to stop a flu before it gets too far under way.]

Throat Spray:  You already know we keep a propolis-echinacea throat spray around, and that’s one of our first treatments when a sore throat commences.  Remember that that dry throat–drinking doesn’t even do the trick–is the beginning of something.  I’d spray then too.

Supplements:  We include vitamin C [Emergen-c for when we are actively fighting something and Acerola C from LifeForce–make it into a paste first then it’ll dissolve nicely–as a daily whole foods supplement].  I am taking a probiotic, too, though probiotic foods are cheaper and better.  And VitaBiotic has been good for the adults; in the past we’ve only used it when we feel something coming on, but this year I might try it as a weekday supplement.  I buy a lot of my supplements from  The oscillococcinum too.  We have just started an aloe supplement that we like so far, too.

This is what my shopping cart would look like, with a total of $109.22.  The aloe is $19.95 and sold on its own site.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 3.19.27 PM

To your health and vibrance!



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