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That stuff that’s going around …

There’s a bug headed around the Northwest that can bring a really painful sore throat followed by congestion of varying degrees.  Here are the remedies I’ve seen helpful for that:

If you get the awful sore throat, it’s Lachesis in 30c or 200c.

If congestion with a sensation of blocked ears follows, Kali Iodatum 30c should help.

If you end up with chest or back-of-neck pain during congestion instead, Arsenicum Iodatum 200c worked wonders.

The other thing that is going around is the kind of thing we often find at this time of year, when days can get warm in the sun but evenings are cool, as is the shade or breeze.  So be careful to carry an extra layer with you!  And if you do catch a little something after catching a chill or exposure to cold, dry wind, try some Aconite 30c.  If you then go on to get mucousy, Hepar Sulph can help.

With the intense fears circulating due to current events, Aconite also can be helpful.  If you get locked in a state of fright or shock, Aconite can help make you functional again.  If you don’t take Aconite then and then go on to sprout a sore throat or cold, think of Aconite then!



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